Why I Hauled My Ass Out and Voted

I voted October 7th even though so many people did not

It is estimated that only about 70% of the population in the U.S. is eligible to vote. I got that stat from Wikipedia, thereby paradoxically rendering it literally useless as a stat. I love stuff like this.
Anyway, this seemed to be a good average number based on the 3 pages of sites that I plowed through.
Stupid Google. Doh.

There was only one viable statistic on Nevada that I came across and it only reflects the results of the new ‘early-voting’ system.

“The turnout by Democrat and Republican voters through late Thursday tended to reflect overall registration. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the Las Vegas area, while the reverse is true in the Reno area.”
No shit? As usual the RGJ is on top of things.

There are different stats on every damned site and study I’ve found.
I was fucking blind by the time I came across the following site. It is so cool and it makes me smile. Who doesn’t like to smile?

It gives voter stats for the chronically mentally ill.

You’d think that this would include ALL politicians.
Apparently not since there is a bias amongst the more, ah, interesting members of our citizenry towards improving social conditions.

All the statistics I’ve found agree that the citizens most likely to vote are educated, and the percentage rises depending on income and class. Yeppers. As if we actually had no class distinctions here in the U.S.
I propose giving crazy people more of a say in the political process. No silly, the professionally diagnosed crazy people. Not the dumbass self described politicians.
Whether Democrat or Republican they’re virtually all self-serving boobs with no idea of what may be good for their constituency. Mmmmm jaded jaded jaded.
Bad Rachael!
No Chads!
-or Steves or Daves apparently-

Do I believe that one vote makes a difference? God no.
I’m smarter than the average bear. My sister got the looks in our family but I was given a few more firing synapses to help make up for it.

We are a literally a Republic and not a true Democracy. Witness W’s first election and the Electoral College. As an aside I predict an archaeologist will someday uncover a warehouse full of ballots in Cleveland that were never counted for the last election.

I do however believe in the act of voting. Most importantly,
Those who do not vote should not be able to voice their dissatisfaction with the outcome of elections.
In other words if you do not vote you don’t get to bitch.

Neener neener.
Bitching should be a right reserved for those of us who actually took the time to research issues, people, and ideas.
Not to mention overcoming our natural inclination to bitch-slap a politician just on principle.
My personal feeling is that once a person is elected to Congress they are thereafter corrupt. It is human nature.
“But mom everyone was doing it! I was promised that the Tahitian vacation was free and besides those Pages are sooooo divine!”

I was an inveterate letter writer to newspaper editorial sections for many years. Had quite the reputation (no not that kind silly!) in Long Beach, Idyllwild CA, and Traverse City, MI.
I finally gave up. Despite smartly written and researched pieces I do not think one person was swayed, any more than one vote sways an outcome in an election.

Now I blog to 100 or so readers. At least the folks who subscribe to my blog are interested in any ideas or opinions I voice, even if they do not agree. Now that is a democratic process in action.
Newspaper readers are a microcosm of the population as a whole. They not not open minded, yet they will all protest otherwise.
It’s like the old joke:
How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?
One, but the lightbulb has to want to change.

Speaking of the mentally ill it’s time for my coffee and meds. Well alright, coffee is my medication of choice. Think I’ll brew some more and look over the national election results.
Perhaps I can find a softer gentler way to compel our politicians to take their happy pills. If our government can develop Smart Bombs for themselves why not Smart Pills? We’ll pass them out to both sides of the House and Senate on Confirmation Day. Don’t forget the Executive and Judicial Branch!
Maybe then we’ll actually see some kind of social change here.

At least those Morons take the time to vote.
Did you?

~Miss R

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One thought on “Why I Hauled My Ass Out and Voted

  1. …and voting’s FUN! and you get a cute little “I Voted Today!” sticker that seems to say “neener neener” to everyone else who looks at you funny at dinner… or at least that was my experience hehehe


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