What I Did On My Thanksgiving Vacation

I did stay away from the computer during the foray to California.
Got to dad’s on the 18th and returned home yesterday.

Haven’t been online since posting the ‘Germany’ blog on the 20th. After getting settled last night and seeing how many messages there were I decided to take a shower and an Ambien. Had to sufficiently fortify myself for tackling three email accounts besides myspace this morning.

Was at dad’s house for two days before finally getting my tired, yet fabulous, ass up the circular staircase to the computer on the 4th fucking floor.
The house was built in the early 1940’s as a vacation lodge, not a single family residence. It originally had an elevator, which was removed in the 1960’s. It was replaced by an evil and impossible spiral staircase.  

Dad and Step-Mother have kept all of the original architectural flourishes including the gingerbread and hand-carved wolf heads at specific points of the eaves. Their home was originally known as the Red Wolf Lodge, There’s a sign at the gate now which reads Welcome to the Black’s Red Wolf Lodge. Heh.

After purchasing the old rambling place they had rooms moved around, added wide stair cases and landings, and generally made it fit for habitation. The only thing they’d left alone was the remaining portion of spiral stairs to the tippy-top loft room.
The Haunted -insert dark stormy moody music-  4th Floor.

To climb up there to a computer with slow-ass dial-up is utterly retarded. Especially since the coffee pot is two floors down.

In Idyllwild there was no cell phone service for me thanks to Sprint, so went a week living the analog life.
Read books in a living room which felt as a tree house amongst the pines. Out one window was nothing but the tops of tall pines. The other wall is entirely glass with an indescribable view of the forest and rising above it Lily Rock and Tahquitz Peak.
Back in the day the ranger station at the top of the peak was occupied all summer as a fire lookout. A hiker could climb the peak and receive their ‘Squirrel Card’ from the ranger. The little card basically said that you were squirrelly as shit for making the climb. Gotta say that the view from there is magnificent. You can see to San Diego and Mt. Palomar Observatory, the ocean towards LA and on the other side Salton Sea. Still have a few cards stashed amongst my papers and pictures. The hike is difficult but exhilarating.Now I remember why I lived in this tiny village for 10 years. It is stone cold beautiful. 

Got together with old friends, each of whom encouraged me to move back. Cate’s dad lives there as does my own. I got sober in Idyllwild too and the town is so small that I know virtually everyone. Thankfully not many remember when I DID party. Including myself. Fucking black-outs.

It was sunny and ranged between 60 and 65 degrees outside each day. The mountain air smelled of rich soil, manzanita and pine needles. The air is searingly clear. The forest is blissfully quiet.
Each day my walks through the woods took me farther and farther into forgotten trails of the mountain. It was painful but delicious.  I physically feel a hell of a lot better now than I did the day we left here. Just feel me. See?

Everybody ate too much on
We Love Indigenous Peoples So Let’s Kill Them Day!

The trip back sucked ass. The flight was delayed in San Jose for an additional 2 hours. We had left my dad’s house at 7:15 that morning for a two hour drive to Ontario Airport. Nothing like the joy of carsickness from an hour long descending-mountain-drive to start off the morning.  Except maybe eating cold eggs. That’s pretty nauseating. Or seeing my ex-husband. The second one. Oooooh gross.
I could go on but then you’d just friggin whine and bitch at me.

On Tuesday I head to the doc for a final okay after the surgery. It’s been almost 7 weeks since the womb-ectomy.  I crave a return to the glory of immature and foolish behavior.

That about covers it. The day is still a pup though and I’ve had but two cups of coffee.

WARNING: Incoming Elitist Epicurean Alert: Used my French Press this morning after grinding some fresh Ethiopian medium roast beans. Shade grown and Fair Trade too. Pretty tasty. You should come on by and have a cup. You can check out my resume and

we can go for a walk down to the river later. Am thinking I’m up to it.

~Miss R

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First Impressions of Earth
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Release date: 03 January, 2006

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