Okay Gimme the Bad News First

November 28, 2006

Reno, NV. (www.damnedgames.com) In regional news we have the following update from our special correspondent Miss Anne Throp, who passed along the following information regarding the day

The Bad News:  Today the doc said no sex for yet another  two weeks.
The Good News: I’m not dating anyone.

The Bad News:   The snowfall this week has been pathetic
The Good News:  Mt. Rose is opening on Thursday anyway and the Green runs are probably all I should handle to start. I’m not saying that if a miracle occurs and the Zephyr lift also opens….

Other tertiary items of note:

The author kept her cool during the daily phone conversation with her mother instead of reaching through the phone lines and clubbing mom over the head with the receiver. Said maternal figure suggested that:


a) Obtaining a data entry position at the local hospital would be a prudent job choice given the great health benefits. Nevermind that said position would drive this writer to insert evil notations in unsuspecting patient charts and/or learn how to hack the internal server and wreak havoc. It would please me to authorize the ambulances to pick up my daily meals. It would please me to chew broken glass.

–I was hit with a similar tirade by my step-mother on the way to the airport last weekend. She commenced with: “You know you could go to people’s homes and do the closing documents for their escrows. It’s good money and you can pretty much set your own hours.”

I bit my tongue because what I wanted to say was:

“Oh! You mean like my sister did for five weeks? That five weeks of her entire life to date that she actually worked? The job she got from her friend that owned the Title Company? That’s a fanfuckingtastic idea. The contentment and fulfillment of going into other people’s homes and using my brain to insure that all of the little red Xs are initialed is spellbinding. You’re right! You are the sage of sages! By the way how does Broken Glass ala sage go with a good red?”

Here’s a great Site for Really Bad Jobs

Okay back to my own mom’s suggestions

b) The author is being too goddamned picky about committing to a boyfriend.  This bon mot was offered by the same woman who holds an Official Husband Triumvirate of Losers award.
Last night’s castigation was finally ended by my comment
“Jesus Mom.  No it’s not enough that they don’t yell at me or hit me!”
Yeppers. I’m just reaching too damned high.

I’m not looking for a rocket scientist, but I wouldn’t turn down a date with one if he could tie his shoes.

I do want a guy who is as intelligent and preferably MORE intelligent than myself.Looks are not important as long as I find the man attractive. We all look for someone who is similar or a tad better than ourselves. Unless you’re a stricken co-dependent with some serious issues to work out in therapy.
Wealth doesn’t matter as long as he has ambition; willingness to work and most importantly loves his job.
Life should not be this complicated and irritating. Am I a pain in the ass? Of course. Do I come Complete with Strange and Unusual Disturbances? Hell yeah.
Still, I do accept these myriad character defects despite my roaring facade.
The Bad News: My parents are as clueless now as when I was a kid
The Good News: I know that they love me.

The Bad News: I am a carnivore
The Good News: Am pretty sure that broken glass is a vegetable

~Miss R

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By: Belle & Sebastian
Release date: 08 September, 1998

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