A Dull Blog on a Fun New Years

Been up since 5:15 this morning. What the hell? It surely has something to do with my falling asleep around 11:00 last night, which of course is a new record. Falling asleep before 2:00 am is not normal. Hope I’m not succumbing to some kind of Tropical disease. What with all of my travels to, uh, the Tropics.

Cate and I at Sierra in 2005. This is while I was still living in Michigan, but on a visit to Reno to scout out the area. Notice the stylish Hat Hair on us both

Right now I’m putting together a playlist on my iPod for skiing.
At 6:00 freaking am.
The other playlists didn’t quite fit for yesterday’s jaunt to Mt. Rose. So it’s a pot of organic Sumatra (Rachael you damned snob), Limewire, iTunes, and a vague sense of sadness.

Hope everyone had a great or at least decent New Years. I had a fine time. Met up with a friend at the hot springs in Markleeville on New Years Eve after visiting with a few people here in Reno earlier. Well that and spending the majority of the day online. It’s well known around town that I’m a partying fool. Okay that’s an utter lie but you already knew that.

From Markleeville we drove to South Lake Tahoe. Got myself all dolled up to go out and we had a fabulous meal at the Blue Water Bistro on the pier, indulging in Sweet Potato Crab Cakes and a cappuccino. All while on a heated deck overlooking the lake.

On New Years Day it was up (fairly) early and on to Sierra at Tahoe for skiing. I lucked out since I was there with Mark J., and he managed to score me a pass. The snow conditions were perfect, the sun shone brilliantly and there were very few people out. This was only my second time skiing at Sierra.

Spent a gorgeous day skiing with Mark, Perrie, and Perrie’s family including his 70+ year old parents. Gotta say that all of these folks are at the Cadillac of skiing level. Yours Truly was the Short Bus. Despite this massive handicap each one of them were supportive and kind. Mark is a kick-ass skier who is also a racing coach at the resort. Want to see something REALLY cool? Here’s Mark’s alternative energy company…
Golden Sierra Power

I knew it was time to come home yesterday because the battery on the iPod was dead and the car’s gas tank was on empty.

It was slow going for me on the first time out this season but by the end of the day I was getting my speed back up. On the way home yesterday I hit Mt. Rose and got in a few more hours of downhill. Now my speed is almost up to where it was last year.
Praise Allah and Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We need more snow. The Slide side of Mt. Rose is still closed. As we say in my country… fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
Despite this I’m going back up today to take advantage of the season pass and my status as an idle and insolvent Reno denizen.
All in all a much nicer New Years than I’d envisioned. Hope that this is a harbinger of a happy and prosperous coming year.

Sorry that this blog is bereft of insight, drama, commentary and everything else that makes up an interesting read. Just needed to write this morning.
I can give you what I learned over the weekend though. You can use it, ignore it, or go get some coffee and blow this blog off like steam:

1. The Blue Bistro in South Lake is a fine place to eat
2. Mark J and his friends are awesome people to ski with and hang with as well
3. The skiing at Sierra at Tahoe is fab
4. Mt. Rose is hurting for snow and I need a pair of beaters to ski on until they get more. Got rocks?
5. South Lake is beautiful in the winter as well as summer. Looking up at the peaks reminded me of being back ‘home’ in Idyllwild which simultaneously caused mixed feelings of wistfulness, happiness and sadness.
6. My child is just as bizarre when she’s not at home and finds ways to taunt and amuse me anyway
7. Gordon needs a friggin bath
8. I miss hanging out with TK (did I mention that he drinks)
9. Be careful you’re not out of town if the ball on your new tongue piercing comes off.
Oh yeah, did I mention that I’d gotten my tongue pierced on Christmas Eve? See what happens when I’m left to my own devices?
No steady beau + the holidays alone = Adolescent Behavior in Miss R
10. Some days being sober and above ground is as good as it gets. Despite life’s bleaker moments it’s all good.

See you on the lift. Or at the Food Stamp office.
Better check both places just to be safe.

~Miss R
The Accidental Ski Bum

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Only a Lad by Oingo Boingo

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