Cold and Divine

My Winter Backyard

Yes, we DO get snow in Reno, Nevada. Just a 45 minute drive to skiing at Mt. Rose and Lake Tahoe. Behold my backyard!

Outside it’s lovely. As if a snow globe flutters and shimmers beautiful flakes into the morning.

It’s snowing, but the Mt. Rose site states there’s only ‘a trace’ of new white stuff up there. Not only that but the temperature is 18F and the winds are up to 25 MPH.

I so detest driving up that mountain while it is actively storming, as the Jeep needs new tires. They’re okay down here and will last until Spring but I get a tad nervous on snow and ice while on that damned windy road.

Here’s a Haiku for today:

Allure of pleasure
Breathes on my soul and cries God
Stupid fucking tires

I skied in Northern Michigan for three full seasons when the temps never rose above 19F and several times at Searchmont in Canada when the temps were 11 Below 0 Fahrenheit.
You do one run, then go inside and warm up, then back out again. All the while trying to keep your goggles from freezing up. I often suspect that my brain is severely damaged. This is usually confirmed by family and friends. An occasional stranger will mention it as well.

The Evil Prince of Las Vegas says it’s absolutely frozen down south as well.

I’m going to stay inside, keep warm, read Henry James (thank you TK) and look forward to skiing tomorrow. If only I still had a fireplace I’d start a pleasing toasty fire.
No probably not. It’s a pain in the tush cleaning the fireplace out.
Sounds divine though doesn’t it.

~Miss R

Currently listening:
The Nightfly
By: Donald Fagen

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