Ski Report and Weird Lake Tahoe Facts

The skiing at Mt. Rose today was pretty bad. The wind was nasty and measured at close to 100 MPH by 9:00 am up on top.
Of course I didn’t see THIS on the site. I only looked at the temp, which said ’39F’. There was no wind here in Reno this morning and I anticipated a kind of Spring skiing day.
Heh. Immediately after exiting the freeway on Mt. Rose Highway the Grand Cherokee began to sway. Looking up at the trees it was clear that there were gusts.

By the time I spoke to Curtis, who owns my favorite ski shop close to the resort, the winds were looking pretty fierce. Curtis put a coat of wax on my Salomons gratis and then mentioned that the only lifts running were the bottom two.
Dammit. Janet. Planet. This meant that there were only two runs open, both of which were Greens. I’d planned on working a new black today and increasing my speeds. As is customary.
Curtis’ place is only 5 minutes from Rose so I went ahead anyway.

The conditions were bitter wind-chilled on the lifts and the runs were sheets of ice. Gee it was just like northern Michigan skiing. Of course there’s a reason northern Michigan is not a ski Mecca. One of which is that you spend most of your time on the lifts and then ski on sheets of crud and ice. Great work-out but mediocre skiing.

Took this one today at Mt. Rose after an hour of bone-chilling winds and skating on thin ice.
This is customary with me no matter what the season.

I could only take an hour of that crap and headed home.

Do not even consider blathering ‘any day skiing is better than a day at work!’ because it’s not.
Particularly when you don’t work.

After returning home I decided on a trip to the gym to work on the weights. As opposed to working on the weight, which is a freaking lost cause.

Had a 30 minute phone call with a guy today regarding a potential job. He’s really looking for a web developer and not a web designer though. He found my resume on CL and it caught his eye. Too bad I don’t have the skill set they really need. Oh well. I’m going to complete his ‘test’ anyway just for the hell of it.

Speaking of work, and who isn’t, I need a job. Preferably off the books. You know where I am if you have anything.
Mt. Rose or the Food Stamp office.

There’s no snow on Mt. Rose as the winds whipped the top layer off today. There’s plenty of ice though. The Slide side still isn’t open and that’s killing me. My goal this year is to run at least one of the Chutes. Preferably two of them. If we don’t get another 2 feet here soon I’m doomed. Doomed I tell you.

For your reading pleasure I did find some interesting tidbits about Lake Tahoe though. I was looking for the worst ever ski season on record. Believe it or not this was not an easy task.
I could only determine that the 2005 season was the best since 1945. What the hell is this? A (Nevada) state secret? Do you mean to tell me that no one else wants to interpret historical data from the weather service either? Sounds boring to me.

Instead I present the following meaningless yet amusing facts.
In return for this not-especially-vital information I’d like you to say a prayer to the snow gods tonight. Just mention my name at the door.

a) Lake Tahoe never freezes.
b) Kirkwood gets more snow than any other ski area in Tahoe
c) Mt. Rose has a Base Elevation of 7,900 ft. which is the highest in Tahoe
d) 52% of all skiing deaths occur when the skier gets up close and personal with a tree
e) Miss R gets piste off when the Slide isn’t open.
f) There are more ski lifts in the Tahoe Basin than in the entire state of Colorado. Sorry Matt.
g) There’s a really weird website dedicated to the ghosts and hauntings of Lake Tahoe
h) The name Nevada derives from a Spanish word meaning snowcapped.
i) The word Divorce derives from a Celtic-Hebraic phrase meaning ‘marry Rachael, quit working and take her to the cleaners in court’.
j) Mark Twain accidentally set a fire while camping near Tahoe
k) Sonny Bono’s last words: “I’ll show you what Michael Kennedy did wrong…”

That’s all I’ve for you tonight so sweet dreams, sleep tight, pray for snow at the resorts, and remember that things could be worse. We could all be living in Barstow. Or sleeping alone in a big-ass chilly bed with an ever-increasing divet (not duvet!) on my side.

~Miss R

Am in a Jazz mood tonight.

Listening to Jeff Lorber with Lee Ritenour

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