Yep that’s snow out there

Every year I reiterate the same thing so for the sake of continuity and just to make sure that you get it….

What is the ONLY thing better than a day of great skiing?
A day of great sex of course.
Yes a day of great sex. Seem to remember this occurring a few times in my life. You know, hanging out in bed except to get up and make a snack, maybe watch a movie on TV, but basically having a fine time. Some day it could happen again.
So you can see what the ultimate day would be yes? A day of great skiing followed by a night of great sex.
Ahhhh the mind reels with joyous expectation. Hey it could happen again so wipe that smirk off your face.
But I digress.

Tomorrow I’m going to get one of my wishes, and no it isn’t the sensuous latter activity. Get your mind out of the gutter. Mine’s already taking up the entire curb.
It’s finally snowed and been cold enough here in Reno to accumualte some of the white stuff. As of 3:20 this afternoon Mt. Rose had gotten almost 10 inches (yeah I’ve heard that shit before) of snow. It’s after 8:00 pm now so I’m crossing my little fingers that the mountain will reach the 2 foot mark.
That would mean the Slide side would be open.

I hear your mumbling… “What’s the fascination and obsession with the Slide side of the mountain?” Well I’m glad that you asked. Not that it would have mattered in the slightest since I’m gonna exposit on it anyway.
Mt Rose used to be two separate resorts, Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain. Slide had the more difficult terrain, and of course The Chutes.

The Chutes used to be strictly out of bounds until 3 years ago. With one exception they are Double Black Diamonds. Oooooh Scary Boys and Girls (she said in her best Count Floyd voice).

So if the 2 feet of snow materializes by tomorrow morning I’m that much closer to an early demise. Um that’s not right; it should read ‘I’m that much closer to my goal of running at least two of them.’ Yeah that’s what I meant to say.

I’m already planning on making first tracks. The coffee is set to go off at 5:45, the skis and poles are in the car, my boots and bag of assorted accoutrements are by the door.
Damn I’m so psyched I’ve half a mind to take an Ambien right now to get to sleep. Sadly this would leave me with no mind as I’ve severely tortured the other half. All in the name of science and experimentation though.

Soooooo if I get in a perfect powder day the logical evening would entail expending the remainder of my energy and glee in the bedroom with a delightful and compatible man. That would be Miss Rachael’s perfect day.
Not only that but tomorrow is my last night of freedom from momhood for goddess knows how long. Cate returns late Saturday afternoon.

Do you know who I’ve got lined up to spend the night with on Friday? You’ll never guess and this is so fucking exciting I can barely contain myself. It’s Lizzie Borden! My goddamned cat. Yeah babe, Miss R the swinging single party animal strikes again. Jesus the last thing I want in my bed is pussy.

In that other world, the parallel universe which must exist, I’d be with a certain guy after spending the day flying through that whoosh of powder. The feeling I get from being on skis and flying down a steep run, with the wind bracing at my face and the endorphins kicked up (to 11) is indescribable. It’s more delicious than chocolate, more stimulating than the finest double espresso. It’s almost as breathtaking and electrifying as, well, great sex.

The only ‘spiritual experiences’ I’ve ever had came while I was skiing. By a spiritual experience I refer to the one spoken of by Henry James. A spiritual experience of the “educational variety” as opposed to the “burning bush god spoke to me and lookee here is that stigmata on my hands or just jelly from the bloody toast?” type.
It’s a captivating, consuming and enthralling feeling of being connected to everything. The earth, the trees, the heavens and the invisible force of life. If you’ve ever felt this you’ll know what I mean.
If Yours Truly, the renowned skeptic, devil’s advocate, self-described atheist -but polytheist when pushed- can feel something this divine then there’s hope for anything and everything. Maybe even love in my life.

If you haven’t had a spiritual experience then strap on a pair of skis, hang out with the deity of your choice or for the love of god find a new boyfriend. Or girlfriend as the case may be.

We can all experience the mystical and delectable articulation of the spiritual and the physical in myriad ways. My own suggestions are what work for me.
Grant me an affectionate joyful mate and a transcendent day of skiing and I’d be done with the analysts. At least until Spring.

Love. Spiritual Experience. Exhilaration.
They’re all different names for the same thing.
Passion and consanguinity with life.
~Miss R

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