last night I dreamed
my life was heaven
heaven is a place

where the river runs high
hard and wild through the forest
the house is old with high ceilings
so vast yet comforting

the grand piano room and
sunlit hallways tall with
a huge wraparound porch
holding the home safely in it’s arms

a family not mine take part
in writing and sharing observations
these kind persons are not my relations
but close friends

and we all laugh and
we all accept each other
the river runs outside the spare bedroom
look down from the porch there

spy through the old fashion rippled glass window
in that room
and see water push over the rocks and pour
in strength through a shallow rapids

a man holds me while we listen to music
floating from another room
searches me out to be near
shares his creations, friends and family

we lay close and write separately
we lay in each other’s arms
we laugh and talk together
we feel at one at peace

my clothes date from 1927
all perfectly at ease and normal
crushing appointments can be missed
tasks rescheduled with no penalty no pain

i am relaxed always
tears don’t fall
sated amused happy or exalted
never sad never weeping never worried

where I smile in my sleep
and my daughter tries not to laugh
as she sees something so absurd
as a smile from her mother in slumber

when she tiptoes beside the bed
to take the phone to her room
she never realizes that when awake
she is my heaven
~miss r

currently listening to:
How To Save A Life
By: The Fray
Release date: By 13 September, 2005

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