Insomniatic Ravings at 3:13 am

It’s 2:45 am and I cannot sleep. The problem is that I fell asleep about 11:00 pm.
Then wore up at 12:30, had a Commit, watched some History Channel and fell back asleep.
1:30 am wake up again, had a Commit and a short glass of club soda. Watched something on Court TV, since I’d already seen the program on Climate Change on National Geographic.
Come to think of it I’d seen the Court TV episode too.
Earlier that evening.

NEVER watch a show on National Geographic, Court TV or the History Channel before 11:00 PM if you’re an insomniac. You’ll be condemned to seeing the same episodes over and over until dawn. Of course it can be comforting, in the same way that watching CNN and hearing the same friggin stories every 14 minutes is comforting. Note: The preceding observation is brought to you by the Letter S.
S is for Sarcasm.
Had fallen asleep at some point and woke up again at 2:15. Had half a Commit.

Okay now I’m wide awake so I brushed my teeth. Again. Turned the TV back on which is stupid because of course the same idiot programs are on which have already run three times tonight.
Why not check my emails?
Nothing exciting.
Why not check myspace?
Hey a new blog from Jack, which is two this week. Nice. Even nicer? Turns out that not only is he a writer but an amazing artist as well. Check it out

Hmmmm there are new comments on virtually every one of my pics. Now this is weird.
They’re all from Joe, and all have something to do with my looking French.
Or not.
Note to self: Feed Tuna mayonnaise.
No wait, wrong movie. 
Call Joe and find out what the hell prompted this commenting spree.Oui?

My head hurts and I fear tomorrow (today?!) will be one of no progress on work.
Please send sleeping meds that work.

Here’s another something for the insomniacs amongst you:
Ambien may or may not help you sleep.
Lunesta probably won’t
Restoril usually does but didn’t two nights ago.
Rozerem doesn’t do a freaking thing, even make you sleepy.

Not that insomnia has been a big part of my life or anything.
Rozerem is the newest one, and the advertising campaign is huge. It’s not related at all to benzodiazepines and therefore supposedly carries NO chance of addiction.
You know why? It doesn’t fucking help you sleep that’s why.

Of course Ambien and Lunesta are touted as non-addicting too, but I can get hooked on anything. I try not to resort to sleeping meds, but sometimes the exhaustion prompts it.
Oh goody it’s after 3:00 am wonder what’s on TV.

Tonight I didn’t take anything and look what happens?
Things that go Bump in the Night.
And they’re addicted to Commit.

~Miss R

7 thoughts on “Insomniatic Ravings at 3:13 am

  1. OK, so this is really sad. I am wide awake at 3:54am, and I desperately was looking for something to ease the boredom. Then I thought, “Hey, that Rachael girl just posted and I replied. Maybe I’ll see what else is on her blog.”

    I find your insomniac musings.

    Ironic, no?


  2. Hope you don’t mind but I found you through your post to PJ and I’m linking you on my bipolar bloglinks page if you don’t wish to be there just let me know and I will remove it but you have a very interesting site from what I have noticed. Nice poem btw.


  3. I’ve been taking Ambien 5mg for about 2months. So far, falling asleep has been pretty easy (taking about 30 minutes to begin feeling drowsy). I try to take around the same time so I can get 8 hourse of sleep, but I sometimes wake up dizzy and a little confused. One morning I woke up and couldn’t remember the day it was and where and how I got into my bed. The longer I have used the medication though the confusion has gotten a lot better. These little side effects though are better than how I felt after several days without sleep. I can actually function.


    • Wish Ambien worked for me -sigh-.
      Used Trazadone for several years but you have to be careful with it. Too large a dose and you’ll feel hungover for 2 days. Too little and it doesn’t work. It’s an old school anti-depressant that is currently prescribed mostly for sleep.
      It quit working altogether about a month ago.
      Doc prescribed Flurazepam (Dalmane). It works great so far.

      The downside with this one is that it can be very additive (it’s a benzodiazepin) and you CANNOT have any alcohol prior to taking one. Dalmane has the highest instance of causing an accidental overdose when mixed with alcohol out of all the sleeping pills. Think Marilyn Monroe. So if you drink it’s something to consider before asking for this one.

      Thanks for the post and I hope that the Ambien continues to work for you. IT seems to be one of the safest sleeping meds out there. Good deal.


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