Confessions of a CraigsList Junkie

Major League Ugly Craigs List Chair

It’s been a long time since the craigslist addiction
has raised its ugly little head. Been close to a year since I perused the site every day.
It pulls you in though. Just when I thought that I was out.
Damned digression.

CL is a microcosm of the world at large and our local Reno version is just too weird and fun to avoid.
I place the current blame at the feet of living a life devoid of full-time 9 to 5 employment.

Here’s the cool stuff that I’ve found on Craigslist
over the last year and a half:




1. A couch. Two couches actually. One was a good deal one was a fucked deal. Oh well buyer beware and check under those sofa cushions.
2. Somebody to buy my Lazy-Boy chairs when I moved
3. Several dates and even a great friend/lover too. Am not sure how to rate these experiences though except to say um… buyer beware.
4. A lot of redneck illiterate fucktards (damn I love that CL staple of vocabulary) babbling on in the Rants and Raves.
5. A place to advertise events when I worked for The TV Station Who Shall Not Be Named (KREN TV 27 Reno’s CW affiliate not that I’m bitter)
6. Cool and unusual fetishes in the Casual Encounters section. This is a must read every morning. Too juicy to pass up. Got Sheep?
7. Pictures of cocks. Big cocks, little cocks, pierced cocks and god-awful ugly cocks.
NOTE TO GUYS POSTING IN CASUAL ENCOUNTERS: dudes you are dumber than Helen Keller to think a woman is ever going to respond to a picture of your schlong.
We DO laugh our asses off at your attempts though.
8. The M4W section where every other post states… no fat chicks with kids. Must not have baggeg!
Are you guys serious. How can you be 40 years old with no baggage? You’ve got to be fresh out of the monastery or so self-absorbed that no self-respecting woman (even fat chicks with kids and no matching luggage) would respond.
We DO laugh our asses off at your attempts though
9. The W4M section where every other post states… I a very attractiv women who is looking for a smart, goog looking man with a good cents of hughmer. Must love fat chicks, kids and have NO baggige
Girls: learn to fucking spell and try for something different like ‘must love God and midget wrestling’. You all sound the same and of course
Men DO laugh their asses off at your attempts though
10. The strangest selection of stuff in the FREE category. From used bricks to 3 used covered cat boxes. For FREE! Damn I love this stuff.
11. My apartment! It’s nothing to look out on the outside but fine inside and in a fab neighborhood. I can walk to the Riverwalk, Second Street and Java Jungle, and my daughter is in the best middle school in town
12. One cool job. Of course I now have two not-as-awesome freelance gigs from Craigs List as well. Oh but they pay and make my days interesting, for lack of a better euphemism.
13. Beat to shit furniture at a) great prices or b) stupid-ass laughable high prices.
14. Decent furniture at a) great prices or b) stupid-ass laughable high prices.
15. Hours of cheap entertainment.
16. The best way to wake up and smile with my morning coffee.

I strongly suggest you make it a part of your daily activities. The site itself is an ugly boring layout, all of the postings are free, and it is pretty much self-monitored. Anarchy at it’s finest and who doesn’t enjoy that in a life of pedestrian every day tasks?

It’s time to try and relax after last night’s foray into Emergency! Sleep well and dream of rivers, comfort, old lovers, and illiterate rantings on Craigslist.
Or here.

~Miss R

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