the last valentine’s day post swear to god

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.
Hard to believe I’ve posted only two rants this year. I’m slipping.

I’ll be home tomorrow night listening to Miles and watching a flick with the kid.

Well, lest you think I’m getting soft and complacent I have a little something to cheer you up.
Even others such as
Druish philosophers can find the absurd with love and sentiment.

To honor this most joyful of occassions I’ve written an ode to this day of love, smiles and chirping little birdies that should only get shredded to hell in the propellers of a plane.

It’s my shy and sunny nature that brings out these feelings of good will towards women and men.
And so I dedicate this lovely piece of poetic art to all of my stalkers this year….

Cupid’s Arrow

Hey kids here it is
my annual piece
the unanswered prayers
that this day would cease

Single in Reno is not too great
I dare girls over 39 to find a date
Or the men of our age to find a girl
They’d consider so priceless
As a diamond or pearl

It’s depressing and sad
At home on the shelf
Who wants to eat chocolate
That you’ve bought for yourself

No kisses no kind words
No hugs or a smile
It’s time to consider
The phone and just dial

Hello Mr cupid
Miss R on the phone
You blind stupid fool
How’d I wind up alone?

I can’t drink these days
I’m still able to speak
At least it looks normal
I wear black for this week

This poem’s at an end
And there’s one thing to say
Mr Cupid you cretin
Fuck Valentine’s Day

And A Happy Day to you all!

~Miss R~

Currently listening:
By: Miles Davis
Release date: 17 April, 2001

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