retarded survey ver. 1.67.3

Been in isolation mode the past few weeks and have not posted anything. My brain is on hiatus but rather than gaff writing at all this will do for tonight. Had planned on writing a ‘real’ blog’ today while sitting out on the back side of the apartment building. I affectionately call my back ‘deck’  Little Tijuana. Ugh.


Unfortunately the old compaq computer has given up the ghost and the wireless card seems to be a goner.

Lost the initiative to create after screwing around with the thing for 30 minutes. So, if you have an older laptop you’d consider parting with for a reasonable price or trade please let me know. On the bright side I did play the piano and annoy the neighbors with my vocals for over an hour. Take that you wretched fleeting muse!

Now regarding this abyssmal survey; I was instructed to write EXACTLY what came immediately to mind and not change it. In the interest of a public service announcement  and free mental health advisory here you go…

1. My ‘ex’ is….
a total fucktard who should only spontaneously combust. Which ex btw? This pretty much covers them all.

2. I am listening to…
the voices

3. Maybe I should…
take those meds

4. I love..
the smell of napalm in the morning

5. My best friend…
is an executive whack-job

6. I don’t understand…

7. I lost my respect for…
myself. I have a way better time now!

8. I last ate…
a bowl of ice cream

9. The meaning of my display name is…
 Well that’s pretty damned self explanatory

10. Love is…

11. Somewhere…
an ex-husband is spontaneously combusting

12. I will always…
fall in love too hard

13. Love seems to be…
on your fucking mind doesn’t it? dear god.

14. I never ever want to lose…
my disturbed (and disturbing) mental faculties

15. My mobile phone is…
a piece of crap. oh yeah sprint sucks ass

16. When I woke up this morning…
i had lost the will to live. again. wait that’s every morning.

17. I get annoyed at…
let’s narrow it down; what doesn’t annoy me?

18. Parties…
make me nervous

19. My pet(s)…
my cat and my daughter

20. Kissing…
is yummy

21. Today I…
got out of bed. didn’t kill myself. cleaned the house. filled out disability reconsideration paperwork. laughed at the misfortune of others. pretty satisfying day all in all.

22. I wish…
do not get me started

23. I really want…
to be happy.

ANSWER TRUTHFULLY (as opposed to my usual devious lies?)—

What would you rather be called?

01. Sweetie or Honey:
neither. Better yet… darling

02. Darling or Hun:
well there you have it. should have read ahead.


01. is your hair wet?:
no should it be?

02. is your cell phone right by you?:
hell no

03. do you miss someone?:
very much so

04. are you wearing chap stick?
ugh. No. dark red lipstick if you please

05. are you tired?
every minute of every day and every night

06. are you excited?
hmmmm what are you offering?

07. are you watching tv?
no. the voices are blocking out forensic files

08. are you wearing pajamas?:
I don’t wear pajamas. Sheesh.


01. recently done anything you regret?:
of course although my rationalization process is finely honed

02. ever lied?:
EVER? Oh please. Of course.

03. ever stuck gum under a desk?
hell no. I always drop it on the sidewalk in the path of unsuspecting pedestrians

04. ever kicked someone?:
not intentionally

05. ever tripped over your own feet?:
every damned day. you don’t ever want to witness my dancing.


01. have you cursed?:
fuckin a

02. yelled at someone?

03. have you gotten mad at someone?:


Q: is there a person who is on your mind right now?
A: yes

Q: do you have any siblings?
A: yes

Q: Do you want children?
A: fuck no but I have one anyway

Q: do you smile often?
A: ya all of the time

Q: do you wish on stars?
A: not for years

Q: do you like your handwriting?
A: bwahahahahaha. Good luck reading it

Q: are your toenails painted?
A: yes thanks tk

Q: are you a friendly person?
A: well you’d think so if we were to meet. i’m also a hell of an actress though so watch it.

Q: who’s bed did you sleep in last night?
A: none of your damned business. Pushy little bastard aren’t you?

Q: what size ring do you wear?
A: if it has a diamond or ruby I’ll have it re-sized. don’t worry.

Q what color shirt are you wearing?
A: white cami

Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday?
A: enjoying a wonderful sunset and luxuriating in the experience of someone making dinner for me

Q: I can’t wait until…
A: i die

Q: Is tom on your friends list?
A: no he’s a tard who makes my code appear fucked up when I write html or JavaScript into my blogs.

Q: Look to your right:
A: Roland D-10, small peavey, computer tower, original litho on the wall, pile of cds to be burned

Q: Ever cried on your friend’s shoulder?
A: rarely. I do not like to have people see me cry.


Guess that covers it for tonight. unless i can’t sleep and write a more original piece around 1:00 am.
not that this has ever occurred.

peace and prozac,

~Miss R

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