Good Morning Reno

Good Morning!

Oh yeah it’s that time again. The shiny hurty bright thing is up in the sky.
TK called at 4:00 this morning to see if I was awake because that’s what friends do right? I’m still grinning over that one. It takes a special kind of close friend to pull that off. On the bright side I was treated to tales of the doings of the downtown bar scene last night. I’m such a voyeur.
Hmmmm now there’s another blog in itself.

Went back to sleep after about an hour. Got up at 6:45 to make the coffee and realized that the only thing in the fridge to use in my java is leftover soymilk. Thanks Kiddo. I’m left with a freezer full of Morningstar and a full half gallon of –gag me- LIGHT vanilla soymilk.
The crap has a vaguely greenish tinge. One of my most pressing questions has always been… How do you know when soy milk goes bad? It looks bad the day it’s processed. Ugh.

Of course I could run downtown to where a new Starbucks is being built.

Of course we need a Starbucks downtown (she says in her most sarcastic voice which is outstandingly wicked). It’s going into the retail level of a new ultra-expensive condo building on the river. Great. There are two indie coffee places within a block of where Starschmucks is going in. Reno wants to be Vegas but it will never happen. All the construction, ripping out old hotels or re-building them as luxury apartments won’t fix anything.

In the 80’s we said that coke was God’s way of saying you make too much money (as I snorted 8-balls in my office on the 27th floor of Rockefeller Plaza). The modern Reno version replaces coke with Riverfront Condo.

Actually I’m at the age where living in a condo sounds okay.
Already did the material girl stuff including expensive cars, nice houses, snowmobiles, boats, blah blah blah. Did the yuppie scum thing in the 80’s; suit, Reeboks on my feet briefcase in hand taking the D Train into Manhattan.
Later on owned a business that allowed me to take vacations, buy my daughter all of the things I never had and make my home on the river a perfect retreat.

Now I’m older and starting over. Bending over to weed a yard is a pain in the ass, literally, and having a super in the building seems like a nice perk. I do miss that about living in The City. After NYC I never thought of living in a condo again but now….

So I start to check out the prices of these new dwellings on the Truckee River here in Reno.
The Montage: Gorgeous floorplans, gym, river view and $400K for a two bedroom unit.
The River Walk: Loft type units, all new appliances, gym, security building and $350K for a two bedroom unit.

You get the point. I could buy a damned house with a huge private backyard and hire Bubba the yard guy to do the weeding for that kind of money.
So I think I’ll stay here at Chez Hovel Noir and keep my back limber by weeding the greenery popping up in the asphalt cracks in Little Tijuana.
I’m becoming okay with living with what I have.
It isn’t much but it’s all I need.
Had it all, lost it all, found some money on the street and bought it all back again doncha know.

This place is in a pretty neighborhood and my piano and most of my books fit inside. I only need a vehicle to get into the mountains to ski and thank god I’ll never have to buy another expensive fucking suit. I have a bike to ride and club soda to drink. I don’t eat very reliably (or well) by myself. Thanks for keeping me curvy and fed TK.
Remember my credo:  If I were to lose weight the wrinkles would show.

Here’s my fridge now that the kid is no longer here. Gallons of club soda, hummus, capers and condiments.

Funny how your wants and needs tend to dovetail as you get older.
that’s the way ah ha ah ha I like it
ah ha ah ha.

~miss r

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