psycho two

Have I ever been mean to you ?
“No” she said but it was untruthful.
She had no wish to argue or upset him
The slights had seemed few

He was good for her
She was good for him
We’ve all been twisted and spun before
Life is learning to love again

There were quick small cuts
Brief cruelties perpetrated with words
Did he realize their sharp edge
Did he remember the tirades which were not brief

One ended with “If you were a good mother your daughter would still be here.”
One ended by a lake amongst other people, his head resting on her damp breasts.
He realized that time
He had gone too far.

He shuts her down emotionally
And blames one person in his past
She tries to wake him
He chooses to stay in darkness

The light and laughter still outweigh the stupidity
And I think that there is more than one
Psycho Two
In this town.

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