My W4M CL post

I pulled the aforementioned post from Craigslist since there were actually more than 75 responses within 15 hours and as per usual, most of them were ‘dick pics.’ It does no longer exist there so you’ll never know what I wrote.

You’re better off that way anyway.

Fooled ya. Kept the original


Are you a Musician?

Stay the hell away.
This goes especially for woodwind players, brass players, percussionists, string players and pianists.

Educated strangely attractive darkly humorous and peculiarly deranged SWF 45 seeks someone to laugh with while cruising cemeteries and guessing how the corpses met their demise.

Please send list of your ten favorite books.

I don’t really give a damn but want to know if there’s anything worth keeping when you leave me.
your grave stone

2 thoughts on “My W4M CL post

  1. I have good taste in books, and most people don’t. This means that whenever a friendship or relationship ends, I’ve gotten some of their shittier books and they’ve gotten some of my better ones. I need to find women with a nice library.

    Your cemetery game sounds fun. You must be a blast to hang out with in a graveyard.


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