Of Yard Sales and Music

Accomplished exactly nothing today. You gotta hand it to me; some days I am the princess of procrastination.

In the continuing attempt to escape from my own head I left the house last night and went over to the Sands to hear Terrapin Road. They’re a fine local Reno blues band and if you get a chance go see them.
Grabbed my usual spot against a far wall and enjoyed the show. Danced one tune as well, thanks to a woman who kept insisting that I join her. What the hell. It was fun.
Ran into TK and he was quite gracious. He is finally getting his RV back from California. Now that only took a month.

After getting home last night (for the second time don’t ask) I decided that some bacon sounded good. I should have eaten something during the day like a normal person but some days it’s just too goddamned hot to eat.
Managed to cook several pieces without setting off any smoke detectors, fire alarms or major catastrophes.
Mmmmm bacon.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to accompany a few people to a Greek Festival (I have no fucking idea) and then to the Sands –again-. Yikes. Friday is stripper night over there.
I’m doing the club soda and Commit thing for this outing.
There may be a potential web job in it as well.
If not, I can at least avoid any major injuries and/or cretinous utterances.

For Saturday I have received a grand invitation from Jon (as opposed to John) and his wife. This would be the Jon who lives in my old house on Snowshoe. He’s interested in taking over the payments on the Jeep as well.
Jon’s email is below:
Hey you
Just curious if you talked to your bank about the jeep deferment and if you wanted to try to get that yardsale goin this weekend. Giger will be here this weekend and that could be fun.

8am- yardsale
10am boredom
12pm drinking starts
2pm Gave everything away due to drinking
4pm sober up a bit from BBQ
6pm heavy drinking has continued
8pm don’t remember where we’re all at
10pm phat orgy
12am Sharing the shitter seeing who can puke more.

I think it sounds like a good day

Actually the yard sale thing is about my only concrete option right now. Every person so far interested in purchasing the inventory has flaked. I have got to do SOMETHING with it. Even selling things for 10% of my cost will net me some money and make a dent in ridding myself of the goddamned storage unit.
The glitch I have right now is that here at The Royal Residence there is… no fucking yard.
This makes the whole yard sale thing problematic wouldn’t you agree.
It’s very kind of Jon to offer the use of his place.

If it’s a go you can buy every possible holiday/Christmas/birthday/bar mitvah/shower gift you may ever need. New. Unwrapped. Cheap.
Will put up a bulletin on myspace and an ad on CL.

Besides, who doesn’t like BBQs, phat orgies and puking contests?
Only a fool I’m thinking.

~Miss R

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