Return of the Anti-Christ

my REAL family

Have once again accomplished nothing in the way of working on tinfoil hat guy’s site.
although the assmunch HAS called me four times today.

I did however clean the apartment; moved two bookcases including dusting the books, vacuumed the damned baseboards, scrubbed the friggin’ kitchen floor on my hands and knees, wiped down the cabinets and walls, de-haired the bed skirt and comforter in the other bedroom, and swept the floors.
Oh yeah also washed the sheets on the bed in my daughter’s room as well since the arrival of the anti-christ is imminent.
Sorry. I meant to say arrival of mom.

Also posted an ad on CL offering to trade the entire store inventory for ANY car that runs reliably. I just don’t care anymore you know?

Am attempting to talk myself into riding my bicycle to Albertson’s to get groceries and paper towels, etc.
Except it’s friggin 100F outside and I am just not into that ride.
Screw groceries anyway.
I would love some club soda though.

Oh goody. Something else for The Queen of Darkness to bitch about tomorrow:
Why don’t you have any food in this house? What is wrong with you?

Aye there’s the rub.
If thirty years of analysis, introspection, various and sundry spiritual paths, writing and therapy cannot provide the answer to ‘What’s Eating Rachael Black’ then I’m thinking nothing can.

Hey Mom try one of these Dreyer’s Tangerine Fruit Bars.
They’re good and good for you!
Now please shut up and I’ll see you in another nine months.
Remember what happened the last time I saw you and I was this depressed and alone? About 13 years ago?
Within eight hours of you leaving my house I swallowed an entire bottle of Trazadone and was rushed to the emergency room.

Good times.
Praise the Lord and Pass the Xanax.

~Miss R

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