This Blog Has No Title

The other evening I was alone bored stressed and depressed.
Yes it sounds just like every other night in my life but what about it.

So, I decided to re-do my myspace background (stop laughing right now dammit. it’s a creative outlet) and contact box with pics from Boston.
A little Photoshop, my digital camera, a few crops, a bit of hocus-pocus and eye of Newt. Gingrich.

I just love the artwork on the headstones from the early 18th Century.
Skulls, Crossbones, Skeletons and all things morbid and reminiscent of death.

When did we, as a society, become so divorced from the reality of what comes after?

One hundred years after the spooky and fabulously gothic carvings and epitaphs there began to appear wreaths, cherubs, and exceedingly dull imagery or worse none at all.

Boo. Hiss.
If I go please make sure that my Ouija Board collection is sold off and a suitably funereal headstone is designed for my remains. There will be more than enough for the cost of the headstone, as well as a swell party for those of you who deign to attend a wake.
Now this would cheer me immeasurably.

Yesterday was bad. My depression seems to be spiraling out of control again. The previous night I did not fall asleep until after 4:00 am, and these days there is no one I know who is also an insomniac. Used to be able to call one friend but they are gone now.
After finally falling asleep it was fitful and filled with nightmares aplenty. I only got out of bed when the phone rang at noon. Then lay in the darkness with a migraine until it became dark outside again.

This morning I forced myself to get up, open the windows and curtains and turn on the computer. Canceled the meeting today with Tinfoil Hat Client, as I do not have his entire list completed.

Does anyone out there know a code I can use to keep site viewers from ‘stealing’ images AND text?
Am able to find one for images but not for text and think that this is not possible. Tinfoil Hat Guy doesn’t get it though. He does not want anyone absconding with HIS ideas images and writing (wait. Whose images and writing!)
When I grow up I’m gonna be a gardener and spend all my days with flowers, rich soil, plants and watching things grow and thrive. Sun on my back and face, smile on my lips. Maybe next time around yes?

While I’m wishing I can also add to the list a car (cheap!), or at least a ride to Albertson’s.
It is one thing to carry back a box of crackers and quickly melting Dreyer’s fruit bars but carrying paper towels and the damned bottles of seltzer water are a logistical nightmare.
Therefore I am out of both.

Am also unable to get to Savage Smoke Shop; home of cheap American Spirit cigarettes. I’m not riding my bike though the worst part of town and on the busiest streets in Reno to obtain this remaining vice.
Guess I may be back to Commit full time.
This will piss off my mother to no end. As will the smoking. As does everything else.
There’s a reason we all leave home you know.

Oh and speaking of maternal amusement SHE will be here tomorrow morning and staying the night. Oh gods help me.
My house is kept fairly neat and clean, but my mother will be appalled I’m sure.
Today I must clear a path though Cate’s bedroom, wash the sheets on that bed and remove all traces of Lizzie Borden’s regular use of that room.
Mom will spend each breath of her time here telling me how I am wasting my life (true), need to ‘pull myself together’ (bwahahahahaha) and give up the nonsense of writing music and essays (fuck that).
She’s far too happy that I’m going to have a full physical and med review in southern California. This is happening the second week of September.
Guess the parents are worried.
Now that I am over 40 of course.

Alright it is back to work on the Winchester Mystery Website.Then I’m thinking of moving furniture around. Or taking those barbells up to the attic.

~miss r

  Currently listening:Q’s Jook Joint
By: Quincy Jones
Release date: 09 August, 2005

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