The Artist Formerly Known As

Tinfoil Hat Guy Client has a new honorific!

I have decided that today August 28, 2007 is a holiday, and that Tinfoil Hat Guy shall be heretoforth be known as
Tinfoil AssHat guy.

Had a meeting with him yesterday. He sat there and in all seriousness told me that the spam he is receiving now is directly related to personal conversations in his house with his wife.
I swear to god you can’t make this shit up.

Have been working on his site all afternoon to try and get caught up.
Am leaving for burning man on Thursday (wish it were today!) or possibly as late as Friday. Will return Monday.
I’m so looking forward to seeing everything at BRC that I’m almost wet;
abstract art, surreal art, deviant art, fire art, body art, car art, garfunkel and art, people art, structural art.

You know what the best part is?
Telling people I’m a virgin.
Yeppers my daughter was the Immaculate Conception and that makes me…. more popular than Jesus.
Hell my middle name IS Christine.
Okay a virgin to Burning man.

So now have some fun.
Say outloud I’m A Virgin!
Do you or do you not fucking laugh?
Well my friends laugh hysterically.

Think everything is ready.
Oh hell it is.
As if My Favorite Neurotic would leave anything out or worse yet to chance.
Well except romance and love. I leave that to chance and it keeps leaving me out.

Guess it is not meant to be at this point in life yes?

Ran some last minute errands in the White-Trash-Redneck-Ugly-Ass-Way-Too-Fucking-Big-(never thought you’d hear me say that didja) -Please-Paint-Me truck this afternoon.
Since the passenger side window does not roll up there’s only so much that can be done in one trip.
Yeah. Think I’ll leave things just purchased (with money I don’t have) in an unlocked window-free vehicle.

Done working for tonight. There’s only so much hellish work that can be completed with my limited knowledge:
Dammit Jim I’m a Webmistress not a Programmer!

~Miss R

Currently listening:
Version 2.0
By: Garbage
Release date: 12 May, 1998

8 thoughts on “The Artist Formerly Known As

  1. It was a holiday for me and my redhead–sometimes we call them “mental health days.”

    Buring Man? I would love to go. If you meet Tim Black (of the famous mad scientists) tell him Kevin says “Hi.” He won’t remember me but I have been a friend of his brother Pat since second grade.


  2. P.S.: Tell him I still remember his Father as well as his mother and I also remember the first synthasizer he made for Pat.


  3. Thanks for stopping by ye old blog, Miss Rachel. It’d been a while. I’ve also been remiss in not stopping by your abode d’ pundition lately myself.

    After reading your stuff, I realizt what I’ve been missing. You’re still just as deliciously cynical as always. You’re such a gifted writer. Funny as shit.

    I’ll be back more often. A smart woman’s perspective is good for the soul.



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