Shake ‘yer Booty it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Miss aRRRRR attired for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Miss aRRRRR attired for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast ye scurvey swine!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Hard to believe it’s already September 19th. Arrrrrrr

It feels vaguely Fall-like here in Reno today. Windy, cloudy, and a bit of chill in the air. I’m thinking that soup may be a good choice for dinner. Not particularly reminiscent of the High Seas and Anne Bonney but comforting nonetheless.

Anyway, I’ve celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAP) for at least six years. When Cabin Fever was still extant my employees were encouraged to dress in Pirate gear for this most amazing and special of days. Okay they were encouraged and threatened.

Cabin Fever on September 19th always featured appropriate décor (heh use your imagination and add a few cheaply acquired nautical props as well,), sales on pirate action figures, pirate flags, eyepatches and other accoutrements of the pirate life, espresso drink specials, contests (always purposely idiotic and amusing. To myself and the staff, not so much the customers) and of course there was much Talking Like Pirates.

Now that my career has careened I can only celebrate at home but I still wish to bring the joy and amazement of TLAP to you and yours.

Here are some Pirate Facts for your proverbial private pirate party enjoyment.

Let me leave you with one question though…
Is a Land Shark anything like a Land Ho?

Pirate Facts

1. Pirates did wear earrings. Real pirates believed that piercing the ears with such precious metals as silver and gold, improved one’s eye sight.
2. Parrots are the preferred pirate companion. Monkeys are an acceptable substitute, unless they fling their feces at people. Then they are an awesome substitute.
3. Walking the plank wasn’t that common. Most pirates preferred to throw their prisoners overboard rather than making them walk the plank. Boring.
4. Even Pirates had better insurance than I do. The compensation for losing a limb was normally 800 silver dollars.
5. If circumstances demand a career change, a move into real estate brokerage or tax collection shall be considered a lateral move and said individual may keep their pirate status.
6. Pirates really did fly the traditional Skull and Crossbones. Pirate flags in general were either red or black.
7. Pirates drank coffee and tea as well as rum. A large amount of rum was an antidote to boredom and the pirate’s life. A famously unsuccessful pirate captain, Jack Rackham, was actually captured because his crew was too drunk to fight.
8. Grog is actually rum mixed with water.
9. Female pirates were very common and much prized for their hair-free lower backs

Shiver me timbers babe

~miss r

4 thoughts on “Shake ‘yer Booty it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. Um, I don’t want to be picky, but…

    Female pirates were very common and much prized for their hair-free lower backs

    I’m not naming names, but not all women I’ve known have hair-free lower backs–or chests or stomachs for that matter.


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