A Friday Bitch

Have to begin packing up my daughter’s room today. This will entail taking apart the bed, and wrestling the mattresses up against the wall.
I must get the storage unit emptied out this weekend and the only place to put the boxes and furniture is Cate’s room.

Then on the 1st everything will be ready for imminent eviction.

I’ll be the only homeless woman in Reno wearing Steve Madden Pumps, Tripp mini skirt, diamond earrings, Kate spade backpack, silver fox fur coat and a Movado watch. Jesus.

Latest news from the brain trust at social security:
They have received my latest full ream of paperwork and completed forms. I spoke with the case worker reviewing my file. The one in Hawaii. Seems I’ll be receiving a letter soon that requires I undergo an evaluation by a physician.
Holy crap I know this street! I was just here a few months ago.
I must be lost. I was lost once before and this is what it looked like.

Typical time for approval on a SS disability case is now 505 days. Seven years ago it was 360 days. Fifteen years ago it was an average of 200 days.

So I’m going to get busy readying things for a move.
Where am I moving? Hell if I know.

Am going to sell my daughter’s bedroom set (need one?), a turn of the century buffet, a computer desk, and some antique dishes and collectible items.

On the positive side my headaches seem to be abating as is the nausea. Were they medication side-effects? A result of the high blood-pressure? I don’t know. There’s only one thing that I do know…

I want my xanax back you fuckers.

~Miss R

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