These are a few of my favorite things:

A vehicle that runs again
Clean sheets
Air Emergency on NGC
Direct TV for 30 days
Rent paid for 30 days
New client –quickie site design (praise jesus for the Christian websites)
Selling my REI tent and sleeping bag on CL
Wrenching my back while cleaning/throwing things away/packing and then finding a single Oxy while cleaning/throwing things away/packing

All of the above occurring in a twenty four hour period with only one instance of complete decompensation on my part

Checked out the Feist video 1234 (featured in the iPod Nano commercial).
The dancing is so cheesy it’s wonderful to watch but the amazing thing is that it was done in one take.

I’ve embedded the version from youtube, so the quality bites,  but WordPress doesn’t want to support a Flash player.

Those swine.

Good song for a Friday though no matter what.

~Miss R

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