storage, fears, tears no beers

This is far more difficult that I’d anticipated.
As soon as awakening I had my coffee and then went into my daughter’s room.
What used to be my daughter’s room but will be storage now.

As soon as I began to strip the bed the tears came. As I dismantled the bed itself there were sobs coming from… they were coming from me. It’s amazing what we can do when there is no alternative.
Have had three people contact me to say that they were interested in buying the bedroom set but nothing so far.
One idiot wanted just the headboard. Gah.

Now for the first trip to storage. The storage unit has to be cleaned out by today as tomorrow is the 1st.
What’s in there? Boxes and boxes of books, at least three huge boxes of Halloween decorations and twice that volume of holiday décor, a 1910 Buffet and a 19th Century cedar chest that looks like a child’s coffin.
Will hazard a guess that there are at least 20 boxes of antique old family china and of course my vintage Fiestaware collection, a cash register, huge air conditioner, three very large pictures, a rake, oh god this will be swell.

I’m in Reno on borrowed time I think. Without the two people I love most it seems that drifting between sanity and fear has become second nature.

Just had to write in an effort to collect myself. It helps you know.

~Miss R

6 thoughts on “storage, fears, tears no beers

  1. Our boys leaving has been one of our toughest things. I know you have other issues to deal with and the things we’ve dealt with probably don’t fully compare, but I wanted to tell you that others have these same feelings. My redhead still cries sometimes just after talking to our eldest who comes “home” only a few times a semester.


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