Fall Survey Says….

As we used to say in grade school…
Have a nice trip. See you next Fall.

1. Do you like pumpkin pie?
only my own; a pumpkin chiffon, home-made crust and caramelized pecans on top

2. Apple cider?
is it fermented?

3. candy/caramel apples?
caramel apples yum. candy apples gag

4 Are you scared of black cats??
on Friday the 13th when I’m underneath a ladder shattering a mirror

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
only of the past

6. Ever seen a ghost?
every day

7. Do you carve pumpkins every year?
Used to with my daughter –smile-. Probably not this year.

8. What do you like better, Thanksgiving or Halloween?
 Halloween of course. What’s better? Creepiness, costumes, candy and the macabre OR Celebrating Genocide and Family Dysfunction.
Damn. There are a lot of similarities.

9. Do you still go trick or treating?
Honey, I’m too old to trick –on any level- and the last treat I got was divorce papers.

10. Do you have a Halloween costume?
Some people feel that my entire wardrobe qualifies

11.What is your costume?
Well this year I plan to go as Miss Twin Towers. As opposed to Miss Twin Peaks which is my usual appearance.

12. Have you ever been to a real haunted house?
It was allegedly haunted.

13. Ever sleep at a graveyard?
Mmmm yummy. Maybe that’s what I’ll do this year. Care to join me?

14. Which are better… witches or zombies?
Witches of course. Zombies do make better films though.

15. Do you watch scary movies on Halloween?
Natch. This year I plan on watching Steel Magnolias or Bridges of Madison County. Ooooh Scary Boys and Girls! –she says in her best Count Floyd voice-

16. Ever heard of Michael Myers?
Heard of him? Hell I was married to that bastard for 8 years.

17. If Freddy came up to you what would you do?
Call my shrink for an adjustment in my meds

18. Do you get scared easily?

19. Do you like candy corn?
Didn’t used to but I will eat a few pieces now. There’s something so… child-like about it.

20. Do you know the song monster mash?
Bobby Boris Picket.

21. Do you remember your first Halloween costume?
Yes. A lion. Still have some old 60’s Polaroids somewhere. Always loved kitties. Grrrrrrr.
22. Finish the line… TRICK OR TREAT……
Smell my feet gimme something good to eat

23. Do you hand out candy?
I prefer handing out fresh apples with tasty razor blades embedded in their ripe flesh

24. What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
No one fave. The New Year’s celebration (told you I love Witches), dressing up, my daughter’s excitement, costumes and of course chocolate. Oh and razor blades.
25. What will you do this year for Halloween?
Sleep in a graveyard. Probably alone. As fucking usual.

26. The actual day of Halloween?
Buy plenty of apples. Well, extra razor blades and LSD too. You don’t want to run out.

Currently listening:
Little Shop Of Horrors: Original Cast Album (1982 Off-Broadway Cast)
By: Alan Menken
Release date: 25 August, 1992

9 thoughts on “Fall Survey Says….

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  2. I love Halloween. Not necessarily because I enjoy the macabre but because I enjoy the concept of a holiday whose ONLY long-term ramification is the annual chagrin of annoying, overly religious social conservatives.

    Although I have nothing against the creepy, kooky, mysterious, or spooky, my REAL joy is imagining all the Pat Robertsons of the world whining and wringing their hands as they write nasty letters to the school board for allowing kids to take part in such rampant paganism.

    Yes, THAT is the joy of the season… as much as I like eating leftover candy that the trick-or-treaters missed, the TRUE fun of Halloween is throwing my head back and roaring with laughter as I watch the Jerry Falwell Brigade struggle (and FAIL) to squelch the fun of children in the name of making Jesus happy.

    BWA HA HA! You can’t take Halloween away from us! Suck it, Mormons! This is the secular/heathen revenge for two months of Christmas! October is ours, bitches!


  3. Bwahahahahha. you ARE a man after my own heart.. and other parts of my anatomy (seeing as this is Halloween and all).
    Here’s to the last vestige of our Pagan Past and Death to the ‘Fall Festival’ at grade schools everywhere.


  4. mmm pumpkin chiffon.
    a heavenly combination of pumpkin (I go for the canned because who the hell has time to boil down and play with the fresh stuff) heavy cream, sugar, separated eggs (need those whipped whites!) and other wonders of culinary enjoyment. I can send the recipe if you’re game (so I shot her -rimshot-)
    it is divine.


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