First Truly Surreal Moment of 2008

Hello Dali.

So I’m doing some shopping at Save-Mart (Albertson’s) this afternoon. It is snowing like a bitch outside.
Inside I realize that this is what’s playing over the store speakers….
On the Dark Side by Eddie and the Cruisers.

Weird. This is gonna be a fucking weird year. Does anyone else but me even remember that movie?

Was accosted by one of the fucking neighbors (yeah the literal fuckers) in the parking lot this morning. Was attempting to figure out how to put the Zamboni into 4 wheel drive. It has an automatic transmission but the 4×4 is a stick shift on the floor. With no clutch.
What. The. Fuck.

You know, if I’m gonna get down on my hands and knees in the snow I can think of a far more pleasurable reason to do so than turning hubs on the truck.

Strange year already. So yeah. There you have it.
Donner Pass is totally closed to traffic today, due to this storm. Guess we’ll be having left-overs tonight instead of Small Daughter ala Rachael. Maybe Stiletto has a recipe.
Oh well.
You can’t always get what you want.

I may have plagiarized that last thought.

~Miss R

Currently listening to:
Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980
By: Steely Dan
Release date: 14 December, 1993

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