80’s Survey (My Muse is still on vacation)

1. How old were you in 1980?
Mostly 18 (not much has changed)

2. How old were you in 1989?
Mostly 27

3. Were you a Toys R Us kid?
God no. I had these other cool things. You may know them as ‘books and record albums’

4. Did you watch Transformers?
I was a tad old for that

5. Did you see E.T. on the big screen?
Yes, it was okay. Liked “Close Encounters” better

6. Did you own a Lite Bright?
No and I always coveted the neighbor kid’s. Think I’ll head over to Toys R Us and remedy that resentment right now

7. Who is your Favorite Golden Girl?
Hell if I know. Never watched the show.

8. When someone says “Who you gonna call?” You think…?
Either “Ghostbusters” or “no one” because I rarely use the phone

9.What was your favorite toy?
The neighbor kid

10. Did you have a Pogo Ball?
No. What the hell is a Pogo Ball? Sounds like fun.

11. Did you listen to New Kids on the Block?
I’m thanking all the Gods I was already too old for that crap

12. What New Kid did you have a crush on?
That’s a good one! Sorry, but as a teen my heart belonged to Iggy Pop and David Byrne

13. Did you play M.A.S.H?
Is that like “Doctor” with more gore?

14. Did you watch The Care Bears?
I’m thinking No.

15. Did you have Jelly bracelets?
No but I remember those grotesque Jelly shoes. Eesh. Ugly And Uncomfortable.

16. Did you have a charm necklace and/or bracelet?
Oh yes. It went so well with my leather skirt and converse high tops.

17. Did you own a glo-worm?
Is that a toy or a drug?

18. Did you ever own a slap bracelet?
God, what is all of this crap? Was I missing out on important shit while playing all those records over and over in my apartment?

19. The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles?
Sixteen Candles by a mile. Bonus: It still holds up after all these years

20. Did you have a crazy hair style?
Yes children, I sported a spiked neon colored ‘do for a few years.

21. What was your first bike?
Huffy-style. Fun one. I used to jump off of it while in motion and land in neighbor’s yards, which explains some memory loss.

22. Name one thing you still own from your childhood.
My low self esteem.

23. Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid?
No. They are eerily reminiscent of a hydrocephalic.

24. Did you dress like Madonna?
Madonna dressed like me

25. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake?
I need to write a shiny new quiz for those of us who were in our LATE teens and twenties during the 80’s. Dear god.

26. Did you watch Miami Vice?
Really liked the music at the time, which was pretty radical for a TV show. Go Jann Hammer

27. Did you own a pair of Jelly Shoes?
What is this obsession with jelly?

28. Did you own a Trapper Keeper?
Is it a toy or a drug?

29. Atari or Nintendo?

30. Did you play Pac-Man?
Oh, yeah.

31. Which was better: Jem and the Holograms or Barbie and the Rockers?
Well, I don’t know about Barbie (I suspect she’s a talentless hack) but I did watch Jem a couple of times and seem to remember that the “villain” band was called The Misfits (without Danzig and Jerry Only or the songs about murder. I think).

32. He-Man or She-Ra?
How about neither

33. What movie scared you the most?
Hmmm probably Halloween

34. Did you try to dance like Michael Jackson?
No. I’m far too white for that.

35. What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You hear Flux Capacitor, Great Scotts?!!!
Besides a DeLorean? Going out to the desert with the rest of the Creative Services department from KREN and beating the shit out of an old TV, using baseball bats (that’s another story). We took the television remains and left them on the desk of the head station engineer, along with a work-order that said…. ‘Broken Flux Capacitor. Please repair and return to Creative Services’.

36. What other colors did Pepsi come in?
Was there a Clear one? Marketing was just a pointless in the 80’s.

37. Roger Rabbit Or Howard The Duck?
The movie Roger Rabbit is fabulous. The Howard the Duck movie was horrendous. The comics rocked though.

38. Did you ever beg your parents to have your school picture taken with the LASER background?
Uh, I was already in college by 1980.

39. Do you know what the Ninja Rap is?
Does it have anything to do with turtles?

40. Do you know why people cringe when they hear the word BUCKNER?
Can I buy a vowel?

41. Can you name the family members from National Lampoons Vacation movies?
Given enough motivation I probably could.

42. Did you have pump sneakers?
No. What part of high top converse didn’t you get? Although later in the 80’s I migrated over to high-top Reeboks. One pair in black and one pair in bright pink.

43. Did you own HYPER COLOR shirts?
No and I’m not sure what those are. If you mean ugly-ass flourescent shirts, oh yes I had one of those.

44. Did you watch Smurfs?
No. Not even accidentally when I was hung over.

45. What do you miss most about being a kid?
Jumping off my bike onto the lawns of my neighbors.
It doesn’t work as well in a car.

2 thoughts on “80’s Survey (My Muse is still on vacation)

  1. #43 – I actually had one of those shirts. It was so cool, I didn’t mind that it turned from pink to purple when I’d sweat in it. After a summer day playing ball, I looked like the Punisher… came out of the closet.


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