What is the deal. Must be me. Oh sure I knew that when I put something on the web it would be out.



So after I came to see the light i realized that Donna was my hero.

You all know Donna from past comments.
If there were no other reason (than my current neurotic reason) then please watch the amusement grow right here….


oh hell that is so not enough,

here is Donna’s Blog

9 thoughts on “Idiots!

  1. Donna is hilarious. I may have to bump her off. I think she is funnier than I am and rather than rise to the challenge, it is just easier to eliminate the competition.


  2. Max – Rachael

    I amuse you? I make you laugh; I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

    Actually, if anything I write does amuse you, both of you can take credit for it. It comes from the mountains of inspiration I get by reading your stuff.

    Can I live now?



  3. donna, you are cruel and unusual.
    yes i know that you pride yourself on these traits but i’m gonna go with max’s sentiments here.
    how can i have you bumped off and give up the kind words?!


  4. Heh. That was just too easy. You both just gave away the store.

    But I love you both…immensely. No, really!



  5. oh hell max, i’m pounce-free this morning. lemme contemplate this. i need to check behind the couch to try and find that inspiration. it’s probably back there with the last set of keys i lost


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