Things I like about the New House

  1. No elephants trampling about upstairs and moving cinderblocks and 50 gallon barrels at 7:00 a.m.
  2. My next door neighbors are also Burners. Only 117 more days ’till the Man burns!
  3. The landlord owns a very cool Gay bar and there’s a chance for a piano gig at the end of the proverbial rainbow. Miss R started out her professional career playing piano in the Long Beach Gay bars. It would be a nice full circle kind of touch doncha think?
  4. There’s a patio that DOESN’T resemble Little Tijuana in the slightest. I even have a patch of dirt (I shall command it to be grass soon) of my very own.
  5. The neighbor’s cat gives Lizzie Borden something to obsess on during her lazy days perched in the window.
  6. There’s room for a grand piano in this place!
  7. The windows are strategically placed for maximum sunshine in the mornings. It does a morose and misanthropic soul good with a cup of fresh coffee.
  8. I can play Ziggy Stardust at Maximum Volume as per directed on the album cover. There’s also room to dance around in a scantily clad manner given my mood.
  9. No one takes my parking space. It’s mine all mine I tell you!
  10. My 1930’s and 40’s antique pieces go perfectly in this old cottage. Much funkiness is to be had despite the lack of closet space and noticeable lack of electrical outlets.

Things I Miss About the Old Place

  1. I knew where everything was
  2. ummmmmmmm okay that’s it.

~Miss R

Currently Listening to:

Jimmy Eat World

17 thoughts on “Things I like about the New House

  1. yark! okay you got me. as soon as the audi runs right again (hey it could happen) it will have a special parking space out back.
    not on the patio.
    you should come by for a BBQ once my piano arrives. now that there’s a living room and some space outdoors i’m thinking of a housewarming/music party.
    i’ll let ‘ya use the parking space and everything 😉


  2. Once you’ve made it there is an actual spare bedroom.
    Well it’s the basement actually.
    There IS a bed, dresser, computer and wardrobe down there.
    Yes, they’re functional during the school year when I live alone.
    No, they’re dysfunctional if my daughter is home.


  3. I don’t want to sound ungrateful darlin’, but I can’t sleep in any basement that isn’t furnished with posters of Bilbo Baggins and Heather Locklear. It’s a comfort thing. 😉


  4. Oh dear god! You spent too many years in your parent’s basement.
    I get it now. This must be terribly upsetting, what with the lack of Heather Locklear wall adornments to be found these days.
    Well, there’s always the sofa and a copy of a Tolkein book to be had. Maybe it would help bring back the memories.


  5. There’s always the home-made variety muahahaha!
    We could have a Do It Yourself Golem Party! Way better than some dumbass candle party. Oh sure the danger factor raises in direct proportion but why not live on the edge.


  6. The Golem party idea is intriguing. Especially the part where the guru comes in to explain how to make “form without form.”

    Anyway, happy Mother’s Day!


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