A Year’s Worth of Unread Magazines. Horror of Moving Part 2

There’s a stack of magazines on the coffee table that’s almost a foot high. I don’t want to move them. They’re heavy and they’re not my brother.

The worst part is that I only receive two magazines: Smithsonian and my monthly mag from Mensa. How could they all be piling up unread? After all I’m a reading machine, usually with two or three books going at once.

Wait. I just answered the question! Books are fabulous because they offer a  continuing storyline. Easy to get lost in and forget the hellish real world for hours at a time.

Magazines are comprised of short essays, which dart from one subject to another unrelated one. There’s just no comparison.

I ‘ve PRAYED that the waiting areas at the doctor/dentist/mechanic would have something other than People, Sports Illustrated, Vogue or Cosmo. Dear god the length of the ‘articles’ in the pop press boggles the mind. Maybe each one is a full paragraph. Since when do a few sentences constitute an article?

Back in the day my only subscriptions were to Rolling Stone and National Lampoon. I read them as soon as they were delivered. My roaring twenties.

The Mensa mag is mostly for entertainment value. It comes free (i.e. $52.00 a year) with membership. Occasionally there are some good pieces but it’s mostly a lot of infighting of world-wide geniuses such as myself (citation needed).

Mexican Wrestling on late night TV comes close.

No, the problem, and most of the weight, comes from the Smithsonian subscription. The articles are written well and are both informative and interesting. In fact for each one I’ve started this week several hours can pass. Once you get some information on a topic it leads to further research on the internet. Suddenly you’ve spent an entire evening attempting to ‘browse’ a magazine.

I’m led further down the spiral by the range of topics: rare turtles, 19th Century photographers, Americana, the human brain, Prohibition, Memphis history, Medieval architecture. Every story is really a story.

Most of the huge collection of books have already been packed. You know how I’ll be spending my evenings from now until moving day though.

I’d rather gain knowledge than move it.


~Miss R

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