Part Two: Your Racist Friends


Your Racist Friends say cut taxes (except for the current ones being extended by Obama put in place by Bush), dispose of  virtually all welfare programs and child food and health programs, it goes on. Democrats or Progressives are Libtards. Hell, they all call me ‘Libby.’

There is no discourse, no rational thought, no in-between. Just keep my mouth shut while my tongue is exsanguinating.

You’re for us or you’re anti-American.

I’m pretty sure you may know a few of these people. Or at least read their opinions online. But due to Facebook I read these insane diatribes ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Sure I normally read the first few lines, then go on to the next posting. But wait! It’s another post full of facts –using the standard fuzzy math so beloved by all
US Network News- ergo opinions. Anyone who has ever studied statistics know that they can be skewed to prove any point. Especially to a gullible public. Sorry, I meant Real Americans. Not them thar college educated Elitists.

Free speech is fine by me. Hey lookee here I have a blog. But the hate? The fear? The sincere death wish for all peoples who do not subscribe to ‘True Patriotic American’ rhetoric? Did I say rhetoric? I meant values.

It’s burning me out, raising my blood pressure and making my eyes bleed. There are a lot of people I don’t like. Being a misanthrope pretty much indicates that.

But the burning evil and physical violence that these self-proclaimed Pro-Patriot Americans espouse make me ill.

The cafeteria style picking and choosing from biblical verses, cherry-picking quotes and items and then re-working the words into a call for hatred. Hatred towards their fellow American citizens. Then everyone else who isn’t white, American or subscribe to their personal belief systems.

Dear god it scares me.

My good friends chat about art, music, new bands, movies, cultures other than ours, and ours as well, and rarely voice violence or hatred in their conversations or posts on our blogs, in our emails or on Facebook. There’s nary a mention of violence, overthrowing and/or killing an elected government official and death (to their infidels).

Yeah I can turn the channel, read up on Fark, cruise Slashdot, Chuckle at 4Chan. But it’s the hatred of ANYONE who doesn’t think exactly like they do which is frightening.

And it’s there in front of me constantly. I change the verbal, televised, printed, interweb channel a lot.

America’s okay. I lived the American Dream for a while. Pay taxes, raise a child, have done volunteer work and do what little I can to make a positive difference.

Does this country have some enormous problems? Of course.

Will killing and subverting the constitution serve the greater good? No.

As the saying goes ‘If you can’t be part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.’ Wish I DID have a solution. Maybe mine is just the job of saying ‘Please wake up!’

Don’t you just want to tell zealots on either side to simply Shut The Fuck Up instead though?

All this hate… Where does it come from? Why obsess? Read some Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Moore,  Harry Crews, or hell even Dave Barry. Laugh, learn about other peoples and take out your anger on leeks and garlic with a chef’s knife

Going to vote for Ahmnodt Heare in the next election. No violence, no hate, no death. Check it out. A fictional character running a real campaign. Hell, he’s the only man or woman in history that admits that’s what a politician really is.

Your Gun Shooting (I can kill a watermelon at 100 yards), Pro-Death Penalty, meat eating, progressive, foolish Elitist.

~Miss R

Thanks to Plutocrap and Jolly Roger for the great pic!

2 thoughts on “Part Two: Your Racist Friends

  1. The soldiers are fighting for our freedoms, but those who are taking away our freedoms are in Washington, DC. They are not in the Middle East.

    Ahmnodt Heare for America. Ahmnodt Heare for You.


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