NCIS makes me want to eat

Caf-Pow Calories

NCIS makes me want to eat. The characters are always eating. Really.

They spend 20 out of the 45 minutes of show time chasing the bad guys but the remaining minutes…. eating.

Looks good too. Always wrapped in foil or butcher type paper.

Could be gyros, burritos, wings, big-ass burgers, Indian food Chinese you just don’t know. All you can discern is that they are always munching down. And drinking decent coffee.

A Wendy’s commercial makes crave a burger, Taco Bell a taco, McDonald’s a vomitorium, jeez even Denny’s looks good at 3:00 am. When I’m still awake.

Apparently the characters don’t have kitchens in their make-believe homes. They only eat at work. Don’t even start me on the donuts and coffee.

Don’t think it’s the F**ing diet I’m on either. These characters are WRITTEN to eat. A lot. The actors are all thin though. Scratch your head. I do. McGee scares me this season.

Can hardly wait until I get off of this diet. Or the TV breaks.

~Miss R

Dammit. Give me a Size 12 Dress and a ciggie.

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