Terrorism in Reno

bombs. they go boom.

It’s not often I tackle a serious subject, but the time has come.
Said some Walrus.

Let’s talk about terrorism.

The kind that hits home. It affects YOU.

It could be instigated by a Muslim. A Christian. A Jew.  A Godless Atheist. Even a Hindu. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Make no mistake my friends, the enemy is out there. They are trained in warfare of a painful and cruel nature. Years of training and their target will be any innocent bystander. These ‘people’ all have one thing in common: Your suffering and their glee… and paycheck.

Yes! These are the Physical Terrorists recommended by your friendly personal care physician. A visit to Doctor NiceDude doesn’t seem so great once you’ve been put on the hitlist.

Oh sure, the sign at the clinic says Physical Therapist but we really know what’s going on. Therapist? Dear god it’s even phonetically similar to Terrorist. Watch for a series on a Glenn Beck show soon.

Trust me. I’ve already notified Fox. Never mind the restraining order that was just served to me today.  Signed by one of Glenn Beck’s minions. Ha. Clearly a Fox lackey wants credit for this story.

There’s a pain in my back. Hell there’s a pain in my ass too but I divorced both of them. (a little humor to keep the secret government agencies off of my back.)

A Doc sent me to a doc who sent me to a neurosurgeon who sent me to… The Terrorists.

Americans wake up! The AMA accredited Neurosurgeons in this country are in league with the Physical Terrorist organizations.

Do they arrive unannounced? Planting a strap, exercise ball (it’s a big blue bomb not a big blue ball), weights (which look suspiciously like pipe bombs) or propaganda? Leaving them unattended in your mailbox? Where CHILDREN could access them? NO.

It’s far more insidious. They ‘prescribe’ and send you to your own doom. Then come at you with their ‘exercises,’ stretches, walks though ghetto areas of town and threats of more surgery if you are not compliant.

Fight back America! I for one will stand up against this national threat. As long as the surgery doesn’t prevent me from doing so.

~Miss R

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