Cute Kitties!

Hey who doesn’t like cute kitties? Except maybe Hitler.  And he spent his honeymoon in a ditch covered with petrol.

So, using my example logic dictates that Everyone excluding genocidal psychopaths like cute kitties. Socrates would be proud of my firm grasp of logic.

This blog needs a re-start and hell, look at the kitties. Brings in the hits every time.

So I ask you: would you turn down pictures of adorable kitties just because they’re posted by a blog hit whore?

Now I’ll answer for you (too bad you don’t have my phone number. I can’t hear you):


Bring on the cuteness. And feed me Seymour…

Two Cute Kitties

Two Cute Kitties For the Amazing Price of ONE!

the ropa dopa

Ropa Dopa!

cute kitty

Shallow Water Kitty

newborn kitty

Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Kitze

bowiee kitty

David Bowie’s Feline Doppelganger

Lizzie Borden

Cat or Gremlin? This is Lizzie Borden She is my Cute Kitty.

10 thoughts on “Cute Kitties!

  1. Donna you are cruel. You KNOW you miss the hairballs.
    Sure Hank doesn’t hork as much but does he actually act like a cat with change-closed-in-xanax-bottle?
    I think not.
    BTW: You lucky bastard. no daily combing


  2. Even if you don’t pull in the hits right away, don’t worry because you will! I posted my cute kitty pics and it took months to get the benefit but at the moment it is my number one hit.

    Which is kind of sad. I spend so much time trying to write really good posts that don’t amount to crud and people want to look at cats! 😦

    Good luck 🙂


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