5 thoughts on “Are you ready for your Mystery Date?

    • Considering the average IQ of the masses…not really.
      Ever spent time laughing at the Craigslist posts in your area?
      Although you’re lucky being a guy. See a lot of ‘dick pics’ on the M4W posts.
      Yep. That’s what attracts me! Lemme see your junk.
      Dear god what makes people think that this is a good way to advertise your ‘dating’ potential -face palm-. although it has made for a few good blog posts in the past.


  1. I have had a hard time writing my dating profile. On the one hand I don’t want to mention that I am running for president (that attracts the weirdos.) On the other hand, I want to be up front as to why I am never home on the weekends.
    I also have a hard time explaining to women that the only things I do at nudie bars are campaigning and research.


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