Welcome to Reno! Home of the Homeless!

Reno: Biggest Little City in the World

As usual all things Reno, Nevada interest me. Many times they disgust, amuse, nauseate and confuse me as well. Reno has been my home for six years. Investigating the city has proven far less taxing than digging up the backyard. For body disposal. The neighborhood children dig me –no pun intended- because they get to play in the dirt and use the big rusty shovels while their parents are all still at work. It’s for the kids!

Anyway, there is apparently some kind of depression going on in the country. So I thought it would be interesting (disgusting, amusing nauseating and confusing) to see what Reno has to offer YOU.

Besides being an hour away from fabulous skiing, boasting the Truckee River with   great swimming and kayaking, and a host of (dying) Casinos.

Let’s go!

1.      We have fewer foreclosed homes than Las Vegas

2.      Nevada’s budget gap is worst in nation – next year’s revenues will pay for only 45% of this year’s budget. Reno will be Number One in receiving less funds.

    3.      Reno is only 20 minutes from the state capitol, Carson City. This is where the governor’s mansion and capitol building reside. Our last governor spent an average of less than 12 days out of every nine weeks in Carson City. He spent most of his time in Las Vegas. When he did come to town he was consistently caught with strippers and other high class women. Come on isn’t this great? Would you want a politician spending all of his time so close to you? I’m pretty sure his wife was happy. 

    4.      Reno is projected to have The Worst housing market in the US and has been voted one of the Thirteen National Housing Markets that will never recover. This was posted on Business Insider. Don’t worry. Las Vegas is listed as well. Go Nevada!

    5.      Nevada is Number One in unemployment. I’d like to personally thank Reno for their part in encouraging fast food franchises and chain stores, while taxing the living hell out of start-up businesses. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    6.      Reno WAS the divorce capital of the world. Damn. We lost this one in the 60’s.

    7.      It is against the law in Reno to place a bench in the middle of the street. Yes this is still on the books and a fine law it is.

    8.      Burning Man. Need I say more. Actually, this is the only positive thing I could find to place on this list.

    9.      Reno is the original home of the Harrah’s gambling empire. This means we’re Number One in helping instigate the formation of Gamblers Anonymous.


    Well the guy who lives next to me in my duplex is outside playing the banjo. Again. Seriously. And it’s barely above freezing out there. Time to hit the basement and get that shovel sharpened. Come children!

    ~Miss R

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Reno! Home of the Homeless!

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Man


    if you search this blog you’ll find a few blogs about different years I have attended. Am a member of a large theme camp called Spanky’s Wine Bar. We servr wine and offer really cool BDSM toys and attractions.

    It’s something that is impossible to describe in words, but pictures are sometimes better. Do a google image search or check my FB photos.
    This will be my 5th year as a Burner.

    No politics, no borders, no money -trade only- , nothing for sale and people from all over the world. Art, music, dancing, general weirdness and utter kindness to people that you’ll never see again.

    Recommend every person try it at least once.


  2. Hey, I found your site though the comment you made on my post on whilelasvegassleeps.com about derby.

    This list is too funny. My whole blog is about how much I miss Reno and hate Las Vegas, and the “pluses” of Reno are so much more than this I feel. I didn’t really notice until it (and I) was gone. Yeah, NV is not doing too well right now, but the rest of the country isn’t doing great either.

    If you need any ins and outs of Reno, let me know!


    • that’s too funny. Am going out to look at your blog after this.
      Lived here for going on 6 years. love the skiing at mt rose, swimming and tubing in the Truckee, great dives with uneven pool tables and of course… legal prostitution less than 45 minutes away! Alturas: best dive. Big Ed’s Alley Inn: best breakfast. Since Fitzgerald’s closed there’s nowhere left but the Little Nugget to become a gambling addict using only nickels. Makes up for it with the Awful Awful. Otherwise it’s a desert on intellectual stimulation and good hygiene.
      How could I possibly leave this place?
      ~Miss R


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