Send Drugs not Flowers

Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion coming up in less than a week.

Saw the neurosurgeon today. Last visit before surgery. There will be hisself -Dr. Morgan- and a vascular surgeon as well. To be named later. Asked if I could have cocktails tonight. Just because I could. He said yes. Oh yeah I asked about the Nicolette as well/ Can keep doing the Commit until the night before. Then a ‘patch.’ Bleh.

Damn. Perry IS going out tonight and the pain keeps me from leaving the house. Hope he lifts his  glass for me.

Come on by to say hello and/or send See’s Candy to St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno or do the ‘Yea though I walk though the shadow of death  yadda yadda.’ Depends on what happens given my fabulous living habits.

Hoping that the surgeons aren’t hung over. Butchering starts at 7:30 am, and I have to be there at 5:30. Presumably so they can pick my pockets.

Too bad for them the co-pays have already bled me dry…and seven more are coming. Minimum.

So, coming through the spinal action could be good. Or bad. Depends on your financial outlook.

But seriously folks…. am scared as hell. Love my boyfriend but he can’t cook or clean. Part of my Bi-Polar excellence is OCD. The house must be tidy. This word spans a world of difference between one person and another.

So this is my spine (if it were healthy):

L5 Lumbar

The difference is that there is NO disc left between L5 and L4 -the blue part. It’s just bone on bone.

And this is my spine on drugs!

ALIF surgery

Dammit. Wanted to put the pic of the cool piece that’s going into my spine here. Saw one at the neurosurgeon’s office but can’t find an image online.

Imagine: The bracket for your blinds with 4 really cool colored screws. Similar to the colors of piercings. Of which I have to take ALL out.

Fuck. Have a plastic tongue replacement but my nipples aren’t quite healed yet. Was told to buy fishing line close the the same gauge (no I am NOT fucking kidding) and have the piercing shop thread them through, the night before the surgery. Pardon me but this is ass.



Feel free to send candy, ciggies, or just stop by to say hello. All Champagne donations are welcome.

~Miss R

3 thoughts on “Send Drugs not Flowers

    • Thank you Greatsby.
      Funny you should mention it since the first doc recommended a hard plastic shell first. Like a turtle.
      Almost went that way but prefer salt water to fresh so it would never had worked out.


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