Broken Engine

Well it does has something to do with a motor, Okay, motor skills actually.

The whole  ‘engine’ thing was  more  than a Silly Putty stretch and more like a Stretch Armstrong  kind of stretch.

If you don’  recognize the two items that I’m referring to above  then you’ll just have  fuck  yourself and do some Googling.

And get off my lawn you kids.

There have been very few posts the last three weeks.  The surgery was long and arduous.

Am still using walker, taking opiates (which I a am weaning  myself off of )  feeling  intense pain

Right now the engine is broken and the Motor Skills are irregular and slow. My cognitive abilities appear to be  normal as well.

What’s worrying me is that it seems I’ve forgotten how to type.  Now what kind if weird side effect is this?!

Called doc yesterday to ask some questions.

Forgot to ask about this little tidbit.

Will let you know as soon as I can. This blog has taken over two hours to write.  It should have 15 or 20 minutes. The spelling is so bad, because I’ve forgotten where the keys are, that spellcheck doesn’t recognize th,yjindu.gyuiod!

~Way fucked up in Reno

5 thoughts on “Broken Engine

    • I can’t yet. tried walking just a block, without my walker last week. bad results. Will have a friend this weekend to accompany me -and my walker- a block,(hoping!). Doc told me this is normal. Hell, I’m still not able to put my own shoes or socks on without help.
      Jane… get me off this crazy thing!!


  1. I’m impressed, opiates fecked me up when I took them (halucinating that the person beside your ex rather than the current girlfriend can be bad) but then hospital had handily OD’d me on them.

    Anyway, don’t worry, it’s the internet, have you seen all the typos even in allegedly proper stuff? It’s awesome. So I wouldn’t worry so much. And don’t forget, ehfujj hdyh !hdvhxjj


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