A story from the Demon Seed’s childhood

For 10 years I owned a bitchin’ retail game store and espresso bar. Made the best fudge you’ve ever tasted too. Started in the mountains of southern California and then opened the 2nd location in a tourist area of lakes and summer homes in northern Michigan:

Cabin Fever in Crystal Lake, MI

Cabin Fever (and home of http://www.damnedgames.com)

My daughter, The Demon Seed, at age 9, asks ‘Mom I want to work in your store.’
She’d grown up at the store, a 5 year old learning math by making change for customers.

So of course at age 9 I told her I’d pay her …which is why she wanted to work.

Her first task: washing the foam pitchers for the cappuccinos, the fudge kettle (a behemoth that even I needed a step stool to use), the fudge pans…well you get the idea.
She ‘quit’ after 3 hours and asked for her wages.
This is when I dropped the bomb: ‘Cate, the law says that family members are not entitled to wages’. Now this is actually the law and true.
She burst into tears.
I couldn’t take it.

Me being the queen of marshmallows couldn’t bear to tease my free workforce this way.
I gave her $10.00 and she happily made herself a Chai at the big-ass commercial espresso machine (The law also stated that no one under 18 is to operate an espresso machine, what with the boiling water under incredibly high pressure and all) and began helping customers with the games and puzzles we had for sale. Cheerfully I might add.

Look towards the back. Big-Ass Espresso Machine, under the Coffee Menu

She was happy having ‘worked’ the store. I was still amused by my cruel parental joke brief though it was, and my daughter never asked to work again.

Funny thing: When she got to Jr. High School she got a job after school at a local hair salon. She’s about to start college in the Fall, and has held a job weekends and after school every day since Jr. High School.

Demon Seed in Junior High School when asked to work for free.

Apparently she learned a valuable lesson.
Employers who are not related to you WILL pay, on time…. and they won’t laugh either.

The Demon Seed starts at SF State in the Fall and is currently looking for a Part-Time job. She has her resume ready. Hire her and save me some money.

~Miss R

6 thoughts on “A story from the Demon Seed’s childhood

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she has a strike against her. Employers are less likely to hire someone named “Demon Seed.” I saw a news segment on names once. Girls names “Shamiqua” also had a hard time finding a job.


  2. Better than the original name we had picked out.
    You see, my husband and I were using condoms because I was over 30, smoked, etc and didn’t want to take the pill anymore.
    Well apparently it broke.

    My daughter’s original name was Catherine Leaky Edelstein. Being the only Jews in town we figured Edelstein was going t be a tough road on the playground as it was.
    Catherine Demon Seed Edelstein seemed like a winner.


  3. I’m pretty sure Oopsie McDrippistein could’ve worked, too. Or is there no Irish in your genes (or jeans)? šŸ™‚

    Excellent extension on the middle digit salute from the D. Seed! The Mexican judge to the south gives it a 9.95 (slight misstep on the dismount preventing the perfect 10). Epic score nonetheless.


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