I’ve Been Missing You

Apologies to the great bloggers that I follow. It’s been difficult to keep up with you all, due to the long, painful and mind-numbing recovery from the spinal surgery.  The mind-numbing part is physical; a result of the damned pain and pain medications keep me from concentrating too long.  Reading has been the worst. And it’s one of my greatest loves. Along with music and sex of course. Hey I’m in physical and psychological pain here, not fucking retarded.

Am pretty sure that this situation will never end. I’ll be the one at Burning Man in the faux-fur covered, LED lit, Diet Coke and Menthos powered pimped-out wheelchair handing out Tasty Beverages to the masses. Plan on finding a way to attach a buggy or large cooler on wheels to said wheelchair. Feel free to send blueprints.

In the meantime I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on reading. And at least I’ve written something, even if it isn’t amusing.

Welllll maybe a teeny tiny bit. Like my attention span. The cat and I have been spending more and more time together watching shiny objects.

~Miss R 

5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Missing You

    • Thanks girly. Appreciate the kind words. Especially the adjective ‘charming’.
      It’s a first. In fact all of my ex-husband’s described my personality as something that sounded like witch. I’m pretty sure it meant they loved each word I uttered and not the money (I used to have before giving it away to such fabulous men).

      Moral: don’t encourage me -wicked grin-


  1. Liking the idea of the wheelchair but no chance of me seeing it at Burning Man as 1) I really don’t do well in the heat and 2) The US government has a minor issue with me getting into the country

    I’m impressed they didn’t say they’d put you to sleep, as in chemically induced coma rather than the vet euphamism for killing you pet. Guess that only happens in tv programmes and films where the budgets stretch a little further than Medicare or whatever it’s called. See, you should’ve had the work done in the UK, you’d have waited just as long, been in as much pain but it’d have been free!

    Ah well, you just focus on getting better dammit


    • Thanks Sweets,
      they did put me to sleep. but being a Jew were probably afraid of a lawsuit if I wasn’t waken up (badda-bing!).
      Don’t so well in the heat either,,which is why I carry a spray bottle of oce water, don’t wear a shirt and always have a trailer or RV with A/C to stay in.

      First year at Burning Man did the tent thing (called ‘cat litter boxes’ out there) thought I’d lose it. and not just the tent to the winds.
      Since then have camped with a very famous camp: HUGE shade structure, ice, cold beer, water, etc.
      Oh, and of course nerve making the stupid mistake of a tent again.

      3 friends from London already have their tickets. Lot of Americans .then UK, then Australia, then Germany, then Isreal (WTH), Italy, Brazil and every other country you can think of.
      Come on down if you can get in (hey come though Cuba or Canada!). As I said: get a ticket and everyone there WILL take care of you. No matter what you need. for real.
      Otherwise stop in Reno, hang out here, and we’ll take care of you too. am from LA and also spent ten years in NYC, Can t least help you with San Fransisco and LA. can’t afford a trip to NYC -but miss my fiends.
      We’ll do some tubing,swimming or kayaking down the Truckee River or sit on the water and sip some beers while making fun of the passers-by. See Lake Tahoe which reminds me of of the lake in Lucerne.
      Hope you’re having a blast Hun!
      Try to get here if you can.


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