My child is a genius. Yours not so much.

The Demon Seed just finished her last semester with a 4.0, and taking  5 AP classes. She starts at San Francisco State in the Fall. Only a 5 hour drive.

Being a proud mom is about all I can think of today.  The picture below was taken 2 years so in San Francisco, where we went to see Eddie Izzard. The kid’s been on the ball and appreciative of dark humor forever. It was her choice as a Birthday present when she turned 15.

The End

Miss R and the Demon Seed

Yours Truly and the Demon Seed in Haight-Ashbury

12 thoughts on “My child is a genius. Yours not so much.

  1. I see that your daughter is a big fan of Miley Cyrus then.

    Yup, it shows. Definitely a chip off the old block too I’d say. C’mon it’s ok for you to say you were a big fan of Billy Ray Cyrus.


    You know you want to…

    It’ll make you feel better…

    If you’re thinking that you’d be the subject of ridicule if you did then you’d be right but at least it’d be out there. I’m sure the jokes wouldn’t last more than what… 10-20 years. So don’t fear it, embrace it.

    For everyone going ‘What the fuck?!’ that’s british humour for you.


    • You’re killing me Null. Hmmmm I love British humor, as does my daughter. Hell if I get the Miley Cyrus thing though. Going to spend hours twirling this around in my ridiculous American brain


      • Oh for f….. when you have to explain a joke it’s disappointing (or just wasn’t funny).

        It’s called ‘taking the piss’

        I’m guessing demon seed is about as likely to be a miley cyrus fan as you are likely to be a billy ray fan. All this is as likely as GWBush winning the Nobel prize for being outstandingly smart.

        So you take something which is glaringly obviously not true, perhaps mildly insulting, and run with it. Can’t be a compliment tho. You couldn’t go up to, for example, GWBush and say ‘Hey you were an awesome president’ but you could say ‘So, when you coming out to the world as gay?’

        I think this explanation should have been shown before Ricky Gervais insulted Hollywood with only Robert Downey Jr getting the joke. Yes Judd Apatow, your opinion matters because your films have created a cultural revolution. See, just did it there, although that was done being mean


    • Don’t you hate that? Looking at the map I should be able to tip-toe to my daughter’s graduation today.
      Instead it’s a 12 hour drive which I can’t make with my back still healing. Or a 2 hour plane trip , with a change in Oakland, which I can’t make because my back is still healing.
      Not that I’m bitter.
      More like fucking bitter.
      Which is better than peanut bitter (half assed rim-shot)


  2. Congratulations. You must have done something right. I sure hope my kids do well in school and become major successes, so I can taunt the people who told me I would mess them up with my constant teasing.


    • Teasing is an integral part of the childhood experience. when my daughter was 8 I even pulled the old ‘read this aloud trick’ eye yam sofa king stew ped.
      Naturally she burst into tears.when she realized I’s tricked her.
      I truly believes this helped to increase her intelligence.
      I do suggest the above prank. They get over it.

      When she was I told her I was selling her to the gypsies. Same result: tears.

      We get along famously, she’s fabulous, half-a-goth and a genius… but for some unknown reason she also has the same sense of humor that I do.


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