Sure to offend Everyone…except my family. For once.

Black Rock CityBurning Band

There’s a bad moon rising.
Oh alright it’s just ended for the month. It’s the image that counts dammit.

Back is getting worse not better. What the hell is up with that? Can’t get a refill on oxy -even though it’s a  Way low dose  for what I need. Isn’t there anything else??  God knows I don’t need another fucking addiction. Can’t believe I don’t have PICA.

Anyway, life seems worthless (check: x), daughter gone away to college and grown up (check: x) wondering what happened to my interesting lively life (check: x), depression on the wax (check: x) back pain getting worse (WTF check: x). Band officially broke up (check: x) OH, and best of all…. SSD reduced by over 1/3 since my daughter turned 18. As if I don’t have to support her in college (Go SF State heh) (check: x) meaning I have to live on under $900.00 a month (including daughter)…when I spent most of my life living on six figures (check: x).

Lost my houses, 401k.s IRA’s etc in the last divorce and then trying to live .Just to get away from Psycho-Fuck in Michigan (aka ex-hubby number two)

Waiting for Burning Man to cheer me. See my other family. Relax. Look at art. Play in the Burning Band -even if I have to buy a new uniform shirt because after 5 years it doesn’t seem as though all of the wine, beer and random brass instrument spit will come out of it anymore.

Just needed to write tonight. It’s after midnight and have been a mess all damned day. Usually save these exciting and amusing tidbits for my ‘other’ blog. But really. Fuck it.
Give a shot, cola, thumbs up or whatever is needed to get me to The Burn.

Livin’ the Life in Reno
OR as you may know it ‘the OTHER city in Nevada’
~Miss R

4 thoughts on “Sure to offend Everyone…except my family. For once.

  1. Just know that there are others out there who feel your pain and frustration. Going through a bit of it myself lately, for numerous reasons. Keep your head up. As my youngest says “Well, at least your not on fire. It could be worse, right?” God I love that kid 🙂


    • Thanks hon. Your son is hysterical, His statement made me smile for the first time today 🙂 You have a lot of pain yourself,and can also tell that while the kids can make you unhinged you’ve raised them to be unique and see the amusement in everyday situations.

      Damn, miss my daughter. She has the same twisted sense of humor. Like to think that of the good I’ve accomplished in my life she is the best..

      Thank you for the kind reply, and including your son’s comment about not being on fire -that just slays me.
      Take care of yourself!


    • Mark,
      you are truly an erudite and educated man. Not to mention whacked -grin-.
      As far as my other blog -a hallucination I assure you- it is rarely kept current and hideously depressing yet filled with options to help that feeling,
      Foolishly I posted something here in the last month that belonged on the other blog… and before I could delete the damned thing it got comments.
      Send me your blog url.
      Happy New Year!


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