Physics Explained!

We here at YoYo-Dyne apologize for the cancellation of our guest speaker tonight.

Stephen Hawking could not be here as he has discovered that his local Chinese restaurant now offers online ordering.
Frankly, once he gets going he may never leave his chair. Too bad he had already vacated the one at Cambridge. Probably far more comfy.

So tonight we will be dark and doing investigative research work on the top secret branch of the Reno Manhattan Project.

Manhattan Project

~Miss R

7 thoughts on “Physics Explained!

    • Mel The Erudite,
      Why thank you for noticing 😉
      But seriously folks… Yes I did change the look; Closer to the way the blog looked originally back in ’96 when I started blathering on WordPress.
      Previous theme gave me no way to create my own header and was frustrating due to the lack of personalization available. So one dark night I decided, in a fit of madness, fuck this crap.
      Designed a brand new header and still working on it.

      Want to change the CSS and fonts too but WP are cheap little weasels and to change any code now costs $30.00 a year. Just to access the HTML, JavaScript, etc.
      -takes medication-


  1. Any chance you got any of the whiskey left over? Not really a cocktail guy (I know, surprising huh, you’d think I was a least up for an appletini)

    Much love, sex, and whips



  2. The Manhattan project…wasnt that the idea of my going from deli to deli on a school night …from the village to the garden trying to empty the city of guiness stout..maybe not…but hell i like you …you got moxy……i am going to leave a light on for you….zman sends


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