The Remainder of The Day…

Put a classical, Yo-Yo Ma, or soothing  CD on the stereo or iPod.
Relax your entire body.
Sit back, close your eyes, and come with me to enjoy: The Remainder of the Day…





Thank you. thank you very much.  Tip your waitress and don’t forget to try the veal

~Miss R

14 thoughts on “The Remainder of The Day…

    • Know what you mean, Whenever I’m overseas (okay it’s only been once don’t hit me) tipping is an awkward proposition. As you said, servers in Europe and the UK are actually paid well.
      Noticed that baristas are also treated (at least in Italia) as serious workers, and their coffee works of (food) art. As opposed to the little college bastards I used to hire I’d hire for my Espresso bar.
      note: actual above employes were seriously cool. sadly not artists nor paid well.


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