13 thoughts on “Must Be Something in the Air

    • Not only is great for (already drunk) guests but using it for cooking is easy! Just hoist the box over your cocking pot and turnthe spigot.
      Of course if you’re with college students you can remove the box and drink while playing ‘slap the bag.’
      All I can tell you about the latter is that it involved a trip to Las Vegas last year; just so happened it was spring break for my alma mater.


    • Yark! Say, isn’t Gateway out of business? Seem to believe they were one of the MANY corporations that went under since the recession/depression began.
      Damn, still makes for a fine one liner though. You rock.


    • Yet another good point. Damn my readers are erudite (obsequious and clairvoyant). I’d go with it. Have to catch up on your reviews. Been busy. Trying out your past reviews and so much aspirin bear.
      Any more beer reviews and I may have to add Pizza as a gateway drug as well.


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