Holidays! Suicide Rates Up! Corporations Thrilled!

It’s actually a myth that suicide rates increase during the holiday season. Same type of urban myth that  insists crime goes up during a full moon.

Sounds Pagan and cool though eh?

Bummer for the Insurance conglomerates.
No more threats of paying out for medical costs until Spring. Party on Doctor Garth.

Paging Dr. Howard, Paging Doctor Fine….

It's a Wonderful Life

Here’s a cheery fucking Christmas ditty. Decided to ditch the Haiku this year.

The perfect picture
Great film and memories most dear
No lighted angel nor pine bough
No comfort this year
Maybe a bell will ring
Maybe I’ll answer
and get my wings

Cheers to all of you celebrating without loved ones; gone and remembered or far away and felt.
Let’s enjoy that tuna sandwich, dearth of lights joy and family. A new year is coming. Make it through the night.

Miss R

11 thoughts on “Holidays! Suicide Rates Up! Corporations Thrilled!

  1. ok, had to google the Drs. Howard and Fine reference.

    The years I was alone for the holidays, I always enjoyed walking through midtown Manhattan on xmas eve – all the lights, none of the crowds.
    Followed by dinner with a good book, and a trip to visit the bartenders.

    Hope your bell rings! I gotta go catch up on stooges…


    • Oh dear goddess. have spent those days walking through Manhattan by myself. First year in NYC -a native of LA.
      The skating rink -who knew that two years later I;d have an office overlooking it?
      The light son the tress? Bloomies and Macy’s? My first year in NY couldn’t afford either.
      After becoming yuppie scum yeah sure. Didn’t help me (1980’s:yuppie scum REQUIRED..but my family received wonderful gifts. Still hated myself though.

      Gah miss NYC at Christmas. Nowhere more magical πŸ™‚
      Your post made me home sick for those first few years,,,which though poor were the happiest.


    • Have to agree with you my friend. can’t go outside the damned house without the holiday music blaring. UGH. Plan to spend the holidays worshiping at the tree (or bar) of my choice.
      I’ll be good so Flying Spaghetti Monster will bring me a bottle of Lagavulin 16 Year Old Scotch


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