12 thoughts on “Fairytale of New York

  1. I saw the post title in my email, and was going to put the link for that song in my comment before I knew it was the post.
    This was the 2nd Pogues song I ever heard, after Bottle of Smoke. Fantastic tune.

    And if you don;t know it, here’s Bottle of Smoke…(audio only)


  2. thank you Rachael, i have always LOVED the Pogues, and this particular song. there’s more world-weary wisdom and heart in one chorus of this song than in the entire xmas canon (secular and non) of bullshitty sappy horribleness…actually, as i look at this, i am demeaning this fooking amazing song by this comparison. i so appreciate your making it possible for me to re-visit this brilliant piece of music. continue…


    • Tony, I thank you for your kind words. It was your comment on the hideousness seemingly inherent in all holiday music that made me think of this haunting and wondrous piece of life – true music isn’t it?
      Feckin’ A


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