YoYo-Dyne Loves Physics and Music

This is fabulous. Not just because it has to do with physics, quantum ideas and some of the best scientists on the planet, but you can dance to it.

GAH,  already wrote this blog and was cut off by a power outage. That is the real reason. Not going to re-write the brilliance which was the fist post. So here’s the juice of it.

I can only say that Science Symphony rocks and this is the most recent tune  they have drawn my brain into.


WARNING: IF you watch a shitload of TV and/or collect baseball cards just move along…

9 thoughts on “YoYo-Dyne Loves Physics and Music

  1. Forget unlocking the mysteries of the universe, you just found the first worthwhile usage of autotune!!!
    And I love this stuff. I’m working my way through a fascinating book on String Theory right now.

    Thanks for the video!


  2. El Guapo:
    I don’t post every day but I DO post for intelligent readers like yourself . Can’t but help and LOVE the reference to autotune, My first thought as well -grin-
    Go to all of us who want to go beyond Fox, CNN and all of the other crap on the ‘news.’ Ever notice we never see anything regarding physics, space, time., life the universe and everything 😉
    ps Especially Fux, er Fox.


  3. I foolishly posted a link on FB to this blog post. Normally a No-No for me. Keep the FB t far apart from my writing. This is why…
    25 comments about a typo…nothing about the post.
    Reason 427 to delete FB.


  4. THIS IS FUCKING GREAT! Did you do this? no matter…whoever did it did pretty wonderful…and what a GREAT “lyric” to work with. i watch this show (through the wormhole) great huh? sorta puts things in perspective don’t it? also, re the power outage don’t youwrite posts on microsoft word – saving as you go? i get outages and that’s how to get around it (but ur smart why am i telling u this?) i bet the original post was great. continue…


  5. Soooo… you’re saying you won’t swap me a Morgan Freeman for an Albert Pujols and a Derek Jeter?
    Also, I’ve discovered it’s really difficult to type and hold my glow-sticks at the same time. Who Knew?


  6. This one brought the kiddles to the screen (as expected). And the correct spelling (of the alleged news outlet) is Faux.
    I think one of my faves is ‘Save the Trees”, but that may hinge on my love for Carlin. My son drug around a copy of Napalm and Silly Putty for nearly two years.


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