21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Babies!

  1. I wonder if the best intervention would have been to divert him for more suitable targets…Hmm…Can think of quite a few houses on the naughty list where this would have been sooooooooooo satisfying to see.

    Merry Christmas, my sweet!


    • Mel,
      seriously? Even videos on youtube are affected? Even videos that you’re unable to download to keep?
      Jesus on a pogo-stick. Yes, piracy laws are in effect here in the States but total bans on everything? eeek. How very German.
      You know, last time I was in Deutschland I just couldn’t figure out why the re-runs of Hogan’s Hero’s were never on TV…

      Well I’m quite sorry you were unable to enjoy the mirth posted above and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!


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