I’m STILL The Goddamned Batman!

I'm the goddmaned Batman

And with that meme I can only say…

Holy Shit Batman! There are over 269 272 UNOPENED emails still in the inbox. Not counting the ones already opened and unanswered.

What happened to sloth at the holidays? Over-eating to the point of being unable to fit that laptop on your lap?

Oh faithful readers and fabulous writers…. I need time. Just for a few days.

Your intrepid crime fighter had a  molar tooth pulled two days before Christmas, and all things being equal in Gotham City USA -has no dental insurance. It’s true: the Caped Crusader could not afford a root canal, crown and/or bridge and now looks like a crack whore.

ALFRED!!! Where is that ibuprofen you eeeeediot? What? I’ve used the entire 900 pill container? Well fuck it. Where’s that champagne I’ve been saving for New Year’s Eve?  Oh, there’s an ice bucket in the Batmobile.

So my friends, have patience. Replies, avid reading, and potential body detox treatments to follow.

~Toofleth in Weno

aka Mith Arrrr

12 thoughts on “I’m STILL The Goddamned Batman!

  1. I bet you look like the hottest crack whore in Gotham.
    (really hope that is received as intended)

    Take your time, we’ll be here until Alfred gets back with your percocet.

    And just so you know, the Batusi is the best way to work off those extra meals without having to be sober.

    Hope you have a fantastic pain free New Year!


    • As an aside: was given a prescription for percocet by the dentist and never filled it. Am already down to one oxycodone a day for my back (down from 6 3 months ago) , 2 or 3 valium a week (down from 2 a day) for the other degenerating spinal disc spasms, and of course benzos for anxiety and sometimes sleep. also have other pain meds in the house… enough to not only take out EVERY ex-husband 10x (mmmm exciting thought!) but surely the city of Reno as well.
      Try to keep the addictions to a minimum. Bad enough loving the bubbly and gourmet food -wicked smile-.


  2. *Kicks Alfred onto the Robincycle*

    Feel better. And never mind the jack-o-lantern look. It is certainly overcomable. I hear you about the pharmacopeia. I would rather be beaten with a rubber hose (do not ask how I know) than take all the meds I “should”.

    Meanwhile, eat sushi. It is nutritious and not terribly chewy 😉 And the salt helps the stitches heal!


  3. YE-OUCH!
    Hang in there, Ms. B – Gotham needs you
    (but be sure to get some rest, too – if those ADA villains let you)!
    And take two of whatever you’ve got in your utility belt… we’ll bat signal you in the morning…


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