26 thoughts on “I’m Just A Bill

  1. I remember these playing during Saturday morning cartoons. At age 8 I had no idea what was going on.

    Now that I am grown, I still have no idea what’s happening on Capital Hill.


    • I loved Schoolhouse Rock Mel, and actually DID learn the preamble to the constitution via these cartoons. In fact 40 years later that’s still the way I remember it… by singing the song in my head heh.

      Have to agree with your comment. Still amazingly convoluted.. probably more so these days.


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      • Funny you mention “She Speaks…” When I first started blogging, I was “shy.” In real life, I most certainly am not, but found I was so when I started up my blog. So I did a lot of copy/paste stuff from what’s in the news. I had to choose a user name, so I that “She speaks…” was perfect. It reminds me of the scene in Forrest Gump when he is running down the highway in Monument Valley and he stops, turns, and all his followers stop and one says, “Shhhh… I think he’s going to say something….” (or something to that affect anyway).

        Now, however, my shyness has definitely worn off and I most certainly DO speak and tell it like it is.


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